Three Easy Steps
to Improving Your Credit Score
(June 2011)

by Michelle Bradshaw

1. STOP APPLYING for credit.  Credit of any kind ... Plastic demons like Visa cards, department store cards, gas cards, loans, overdrafts, online credit, anything that you need to fill out an application and sign–JUST SAY NO!

2. Start making ALL minimum payments (or pay more if you can afford) to ALL existing plastic demons like credit card accounts, loans, cell phone companies, and collection accounts. That will keep a good ratingyes, that's all you need to pay is the minimumEVERY MONTH. Make minimum payments as shown on the statement to all accounts, but try to pay more on the accounts with the highest interest rates. Once the highest interest rate card/loan is paid off, you can start paying more on the next highest interest rated card/loan and so on, but continue to make minimum payments on everything to keep it in good standing!!

3. Pay off all collections—liens and judgments. They show up on your credit report and steal your precious points.

By obtaining a current credit bureau report you will see what is reported on YOU—it's a great investment in yourself.

Do the above three steps and your credit score will be greatly improved within a year. By having an annual copy of your credit report in your possession you can stay abreast of Identity Fraud too.