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The Riviera Maya is a treasure chest of nature’s gifts—white sand beaches, emerald green cenotes, colorful coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, dense green jungles, and more. Add the ancient Maya ruins waiting to be explored, the many excellent restaurants and unique shops, and a population of incredibly helpful and friendly people and one begins to gain an appreciation of just how much this world-famous vacation paradise has to offer! From the southern edge of Cancun south to Tulum and beyond, the riches of the Yucatan Peninsula can be at the fingertips of all visitors… that is, if those visitors know about and can indeed FIND these awesome excursions. Enter Sac-Be, the definitive reference source for things to do, places to go, things to see and helpful tips on how to get around while visiting the Mexican Caribbean coastline. Sac-Be is your ever-evolving guide to the Riviera Maya and beyond.

Scott Brown and Dani Knod, after 27 years of living on the Quintana Roo coastline and having worked in virtually every part of the tourism industry of the Yucatan. After years of fielding the same sorts of questions (Where do the locals go to the beach? / Are there certain tours that are not very commercial and cater to small groups? Where is the best place to dive?…to snorkel? ), decided to put their knowledge to good use. Setting scuba tanks and fins aside (temporarily, of course!) they came up with the idea of beginning a newspaper guide especially oriented to the Riviera Maya.

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Armed with nothing much more than a concept, they approached some of the business owners of Akumal and the surrounding areas. These friends and neighbors believed in them, and in the idea, enough to buy sufficient advertising to allow us to transform our dreams into reality. They printed the first volume of Sac-Be in March 2003. Sac-be grew rapidly to include Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, then added Soliman and Tankah. Soon after, it was Playa del Carmen, then Puerto Morelos, then Costa Maya… and so on. For over three years, they worked on providing tourists a source of information about each of the villages that dot the coastline, about things to do while on vacation, about the fascinating Maya culture, and about how to have a most enjoyable, safe and stress-free trip to our lovely corner of the world!

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A website has always been in the plans, but—like many human endeavors—it took the right collection of people who shared dreams of what really might be, coupled with the right sets of skills and resources, to make it all come together. Dani and Scott chose to team up with Just Imagine, Inc. to begin the online journey of becoming the source for the latest and most up to date information about the Riviera Maya on the World Wide Web. 

Through Just Imagine, Inc. came Mike and Lydia.  Their experience with Internet coupled with a background in writing, video production, group travel and a passion for the area was a plus.  Times have changed and over time the decision was made to stop producing the hard copy, we know many miss it.

A whole new avenue for information, Sac-Be is now a place to go on-line BEFORE your trip to learn about new places to go and things to do.  Considering the drastic difference between the print edition of Sac-Be, and the latest website design there will always be one constant to expect from us, and that is change. Our aim, of course, is to change in ways that you want us to. So, tell us what you think.

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