Akumal's 50th Children's Activites - Ways You Can Help!

Children's Program for Akumal's 50th and ways you can help!

Volunteer!  We still need volunteers to help May 31, 2009.

Sponsor a Pirate! Akumal will be full of young Pirates participating in a Treasure Hunt full of mystery, clues, maps, and hidden treasure, Saturday May 30th. The clues and maps will take the children to different places in Akumal and teach them about the history and environment. At the end of their hunt X will mark the spot of their hidden treasure. Adults we need your help - Sponsor a Pirate, pay for them to complete their hunt and the money raised will go to the Pablo Bush Scholarship and the Frida Khalo Library. This is a great fundraiser because you, the adult are involved and the kids are doing all the work! Sponsorships begin at $10 and you can pick your pirate or we will assign one. 

Checks can be made out to: Consejo de Desarrollo de Akumal AC

They will go into the Akumal United Fund and then dispersed and earmarked for the Akumal kids.

Donate gifts and prizes. If you live in Akumal or will be visiting on or before May 30th please donate money, gifts or prizes that can be used for the hidden treasure and/or prizes for some of the other contests we are doing with the children (art show, story contests, volley ball and sand sculptures). Hidden treasure gifts can be small McDonald's type toys, mardi gras beads, or anything you might find in a chest of buried treasure. Prizes could be T-shirts, balls, hats or larger toys. Money donations will be used to buy supplies and any left over money will go to the Pablo Bush Scholarship and Frida Khalo Library.

Donations can be dropped off at Hotel Akumal Caribe's Kid's Club, cash donations at Hotel Akumal Caribe's Reception Desk.  To learn more contact us.

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