By Myrna Sparks

Just a few weeks ago the citizens of the Akumal Pueblo went to the polls and in an overwhelming majority elected their new mayor for a 2 year term---Habram Refon Tun. Many of you may know Habram from his work as the manager of Luna Azul condominiums and also from his work as a local professional guide in our area.

Only 30 years old, Habram grew up in a Mayan village in the jungle near Bacalar in the southern part of Quintana Roo. Habram finetuned his leadership skills serving for 3 years in the Mexican Special Forces where he learned 5 languages including English, German and French. Following his Army service he studied at the univerisity and then taught English to the Tourist Police in Playa del Carmen for 4 years.

Habram has many goals he hopes to achieve in the next 2 years of serving as mayor. His major goals are to teach English in the pueblo to all who want to learn. He says "I want to share my knowledge of English since we are living in a principal area of tourism. Our children must be learn English so that they are prepared to go into the workplace in order to get good jobs. The knowledge of English is a gift that I believe I can give to the community with after school programs for children and adults that I, as well as others fluent in English, will be teaching at no cost to our students."

Another major goal he has is to develop a cohesive and seamless plan. working with local police, to provide security for the people living in the pueblo as well as those living on or near the beaches and visitors. He understands the necessity of having a safe environment for everyone who lives in Akumal and wants to do all he can as mayor to make sure that is always the case.

He and his wife, Mica Mendes, have two sons , Jonathan and Habram, and they attend school in the pueblo.

We wish him "Buena Suerte" as he begins his important new job in his community.

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