An Alternative Way to Start Your Evening in Tulum

by Mari Pintkowski (March 2012)

It was one of those rare, calm days while walking along Tulum's glorious white-sand beaches when I first met Margo Guenther, a local masseuse, property manager and teacher. She invited me to attend one of her free FEEL GOOD classes held every Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at Cositas Buenas Restaurant in Tulum. Her smile and positive energy intrigued me, so a few weeks later my husband and I went into Tulum to find this little restaurant, located across the main road from Charlie's and ADO bus station.

A half-dozen other folks, a mixture of tourists and locals, were also gathering. A local drumming group was finishing practice in the open-air patio where the class was to take place. The friendly waitstaff from Cositas Buenas made sure we had beverages and were comfortably seated before the class started.

Margo began the laid-back, yet well-organized, class by telling us the goal of the class was to help you understand how you feel by learning ways to become conscious of and take responsibility for how you feel while you walk around in your life. It is, explained Margo, a harmonious blend of mechanics and chemistry. The best part is that it is very simple.

The first part of the class focuses on the body, flesh and bone, while the second part centers on lowering stress. The class is loaded with tips, for instance, on how self-massage and stretching can be added to your wake-up routine, and how a few exercises, she has called "evocizes" can reset the chemistry in your body when things aren't going just right for you. They can also be used to prevent stress.

I looked around and saw I was the only one taking notes because I knew this was information I would review before I decided if I would incorporate it into my daily routines. As it turned out, Margo provided handouts, so that you could relax, listen and participate rather than be tediously taking notes. And yes, it is simple and I did adopt many of the practices Margo suggested, and I did return for a refresher course and brought some friends along.

A class like this is not the typical way for tourists or locals to begin their evening in Tulum. It is, however, an interesting and inexpensive alternative for those, like me, who are eager to learn new ways to live the peaceful life you have always dreamed of. Vacation is the perfect time to learn new things and to make the changes you have wanted to make.

Mari and her husband, Lou Pintkowski, own and operate La Selva Mariposa, an elegant B&B located between Tulúm and Cobá. Margo can be reached at

Margo in Mexico