Art Classes at Hekab Be Library

by Sherri Bañuelos (March 2014)

I recently returned from another wonderful trip to Paradise (mine anyway), Akumal. The sun shone everyday and I felt so refreshed after this extremely rough Michigan winter.

We stayed on Half Moon Bay in the Tanik (wind, in Mayan) condos. Our neighbor spent time on the beach creating wonderful wire armature sculptures, one being a horse named "Tanik."

I was going to be teaching a class at the Hekab Be Library and asked him if he would like to come along and show the children his work. Unfortunately he was not able to, but instead gave me three sculptures and extra wire for the children to create pieces. The largest was a two-piece sculpture of a man walking his dog, another set was a man and woman, and lastly was a volleyball player. Each piece was very movable and designed for such motion. They were left at the library for display and inspiration for the children to design and create their own.

A big thank-you goes out to David Kasprick, Metal Artist, from British Columbia, Canada. His Facebook page is "Red Cod Forge" and he spent five weeks traveling the Yucatán and creating art.

Akumal Villas

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