Boca del Puma

(Dec. 2014)

We look forward to welcoming you to our natural paradise! We are very excited to share with you 69 hectares of virgin jungle reserve, not only shared with you but also shared with many plants and animals which now, after 20 years, are starting to take permanent refuge and residence in this beautiful jungle habitat.  We offer a home to such incredible species as Spider Monkeys, jaguar, puma and tigrillo (ocelot, a small wild cat) and unique animals like tepezcuintle, jabali (think Pumba in the Lion King), deer and birds like motmot and toucan, which are native only to this small area of the world. We want you to know that the funds that we receive from your tours go toward helping to protect this land for these amazing animals and plants and also for the education of future generations (humans)!

Our park founder and creator of the Ruta de los Cenotes, Jesus (we sometimes call him Tarzan), has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to building this jungle experience and making it available and sufficiently accessible for everyone to enjoy. (The virgin jungle on its own is too wild to explore without the help of a jungle expert.)

When you come to visit, you are going to experience this jungle in all its different forms. We are going to help you fly high above the jungle canopy on our incredible zip line. (Did you know we are the highest zip line in the Cancún area?!) You are also going to experience the rugged jungle paths known only to ancient Maya and hardworking chicleros on our ATVs (all-terrain vehicles).

Speaking of chicleros, we have a lot of history here at Boca del Puma. Please ask your guides to show you our natural history museum!  We get so involved in the extreme jungle activities but we don't want to forget to show you our roots. For example,  this land was used to harvest chicle gum from the trees for the Adams Chiclets company up until the 1960s. Did you know that sadly chewing gum is now made from petroleum products? Unfortunately, this is much cheaper than natural chicle resin and