Coastal History

Once considered a savage territory, the discovery and development of Quintana Roo is a fairly recent collection of incredible stories of re-known explorers, adventure seekers, treasure hunters, pirates, and much more.

ev_2_ed_thompson_t.jpg Edward Herbert Thompson

Explorer Extraordinaire of the Yucatan

Following in Michel Peissel's Footsteps: Part 3

Mari Pintkowski

ev_3_la_catrina_t.jpg La Calavera Catrina

The politics and revolution behind one of Mexico’s most beloved icons

ev_8_merida_t.jpg Merida: Matronly Madame of the Yucatan

A three-hour drive by superhighway due east of Cancun to the colonial city Merida shatters all illusion that any similarities...

ev_1_chicxulub_t.jpg Meteor Impact: the Day the Dinosaurs Died

The Meteor Impact responsible for the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

25_pirates_thumb_a.jpg Quintana Roo’s Pirates of the Caribbean

The word “privateer” better describes these romantic buccaneers.

ev_3_alma_yucatan_t.jpg Review of the book
The Yucatan: A Guide to the Land of Maya Mysteries

An informative and entertaining guide that details both the history and the best resorts, beaches, & diving spots of the Yucatan

evol_5_caste_war_t.jpg The Caste War, the Church of the Speaking Cross, and the Cruzob Maya

Delve Into The History Of The Maya And The Yucatan Peninsula

v19_stev_atherwood_thumb.jpg The First Explorers of the Maya World

Yucatan, Guatemala, and Honduras.

ev_4_pablo_bush_t.jpg The Legend of the Treasure of Matanceros

Excerpts from Pablo Bush Romero’s book, Under the waters of Mexico

The Legend of the Treasure of Matanceros: Part 2

evol_7_jeanine_t.jpg The Lost World of Quintana Roo

Long Out-of-Print Book Reveals Quintana Roo Before Cancun

v20_jeanine_chichen_thumb.jpg The Other Side of Chichen Itza: Was It the First “Cancun?”

Is Chichen Itza one of the Maya’s most revered and renowned pyramid sites or a glorified shrine-museum?

ev_3_tort_tequila_t.jpg The Virtues of Tequila

Over Three Generations Ago, Indalecio Nuñez Had This To Say About Tequila

Under The Waters Of Mexico

By Pablo Bush Romero, Book Liner

Walking in the Footsteps
of Michel Peissel

By Mari Pintkowski

Walking in the Footsteps
of Michel Peissel: Part Two

By: Mari Pintkowski

ev_3_charles_winds_t.jpg Winds From the Ice Ages

The creation of Isla Mujeres and the cliffs at Tulum

Akumal Villas

Cabanas Tulum