Scuba diving in Akumal is wonderful. We consistently see a lot of marine life, and the boat rides from the shop to the dive sites are only 5 minutes long! I would say Akumal offers some of the most relaxed and easiest diving I know of in the world. The boat rides were longer in Yap, Palau, Thailand, Egypt and Belize. If the reef were any closer, we could dive it from shore (which is a lot more work). And the currents run parallel to shore, so on many days you barely need to kick!
However, if you are staying in Akumal and you have mastered our local diving and want to see something new, Ivan and I host day trips to Cozumel. The reef in front of Akumal descends on a gentle slope, which extends to around 160 feet or deeper before dropping off to 2,000 feet. But Cozumel is an island that jets up from the 2,000 foot drop-off. It is because of this that the currents there are stronger and less predictable then the ones in Akumal.
These stronger currents literally help feed brightly colored sponges that grow faster and bigger in Cozumel. I would not say that there are different species of fish and animals in Cozumel. I would say that some species like queen triggerfish and queen angelfish, which are less common here, are very common there. On the other hand, the three types of turtles I commonly see in Akumal, I rarely see in Cozumel. Different species thrive in these two different underwater environments, but if you look closely enough, the same species are there in both places. The only animal that is in Cozumel and not in Akumal is the yellow bearded toadfish. Ivan got a great picture of a toadfish on our last dive trip there.

Diving in Cozumel is not for beginners. Deep dives and strong currents can be tough even for experienced divers, and with cruise ships coming regularly, it's easy to be stuck in a big group. That is why Ivan and I host trips to Cozumel where you can dive in small groups and receive our personal attention in the water. Join us and see what Cozumel has to offer.