Culture & Art

Statues, figurines, paintings, to exquisite handcrafts have all been discovered as lasting remnants of this ancient culture. Present-day descendants continue to honor their heritage by replicating the artwork of their ancestors.

"Akumal" The Song

Written by: Jorge Palma & Abraham Romero

Rio Lagarto Mari Pintkowski A Nostalgic Look at the Facades of Northern Yucatan's Coastal Fishing Villages

by Mari Pintkowski - A photojournalist's look at the architecture

Ak-Nah Galeria Akumal Ak-Nah Galeria Back Open in a New Location

Richard Mazzola's gallery in Akumal

AIAR logo Akumal International Artist Residency

Free community events February to April

Akumal Memorabilia

Book, Video and Cross Available

a gonzalez castilla artist Alfredo Gonzalez Castillo 4/09

Mayan Artist

blue_moon1_9-12.jpg Blue Moon at the Pyramid of Positive Thinking

Lisa Love Juliot writes about entering the Tulum jungle by the light of a blue moon.

v28_chacmool_thumb.jpg Chacmool: The Toltec & Maya History of this Sculpture

One of the most popular and reoccurring motifs in Meso-American art is the Chacmool.

cirque du soleil Cirque du Soleil

Coming to the Riviera Maya

juliot1_8-15.jpg Cozumel Covered in Graffiti Art

The region’s unbelievable graffiti art has made its way to the island of Cozumel!

by Marcia Bales Culture Shock

A look at the adjustments expats must make, by Marcia at Mayan Beach Garden

v26_day_of_dead_thumb.jpg Day of the Dead: Practices in the Yucatán Peninsula

Mexicans worldwide fondly refer to the 2nd day of November as the “Day of the Dead” or “Dia de los Muertos.”

look_day_dead3.jpg Dia de los Muertos

In San Cristóbal de las Casas, by Jon and Vonda Look

Dream Weaver Mari Pintkowski Dream Catchers in the Maya World

by Mari Pintkowski

mexican_student_7-13.jpg Educating Your Children in Mexico: Part 1 - Schools and Education in Mexico

First in series to help select best school for your kids

education_mexico2.jpg Educating Your Children in Mexico: Part 2 - How to Find the Right School

How do you choose the right school for your family?

education_11-13.jpg Educating Your Children in Mexico: Part 3 - You've Found the Right School – Now What?

Your role in this process is to make the transition as smooth as possible for your children. - by Michele Kinnon

v20_alma_thumb.jpg Know Your Maya

Would you like to learn more about the fascinating world of Mayan culture and language?.

ev_3_la_catrina_t.jpg La Calavera Catrina

The politics and revolution behind one of Mexico’s most beloved icons

Los Muñecos Viejos (The Old Dolls)

By Mari Pintkowski, January 2010

Made in Akumal—a New Fashion Venture

January 2011

Jeanine Kitchel's Maya 2012 Revealed Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy

Jeanine Kitchel writes new book on 2012 debate

Jeanine Kitchel's Maya 2012 Revealed Maya for the Masses: A Complete Free Glossary on the Maya

A glossary companion to Jeanine Kitchel's latest book

ev_1_alma_book_t.jpg Maya for Travelers and Students

Alma Libre reviews a Guide to the Language and Culture in the Yucatan.

Maya Museum Maya Museum in Cancun

Located next to the archeological site of San Miguelito

Meet Painter, Raul Aparicio Reyes

Work on exhibit in Akumal

Mazzolas Meet Richard and Cami Mazzola

Owners of Ak Nah Galeria in Akumal

day_dead_graphic.jpg Mexico's Customs and Traditions: Day of the Dead

November 1 & 2 details and history, by Enrique Saldana

Planet 2012 Showing

A Surreal Series by Richard Mazzola

Rosie Mari Pintkowski Rosie and the Sleeping Giant

Children's book by Mari Pintkowski

ev_2_alma_talk_jag_t.jpg Secrets of the Talking Jaguar: A Mayan Shaman's Journey to the Heart of the Indigenous Soul

Delve inside the complex culture of Mayan village life, a culture that is fast disappearing.


By: Mari Pintkowski

ev_1_art_of_dead_t.jpg The Day of the Dead

a time of celebration in the homes and towns throughout Mexico.

The Mask January 2010

Inspiration of Richard Mazzola's Work

Nah Hah Villa Art in Akumal February 2009

by Jim Farrell, owner Nah Hah and Azul Riviera

Photo courtesy of Bill Bell What Did the Equinox and Solstice Signify to the Maya? ©

by Jeanine Kitchel, author

Tulum Pyramid Positive Thinking Your Positive Thought: A Living Work of Art

Tulum, Mexico, is the site of this extraordinary living art.

Akumal Villas

Cabanas Tulum