David Nuñez Blog

Writer, videographer, photographer and Sac-Be contributor David Nuñez is now blogging about the flora and fauna of the Yucatán. On this page you will find links to various posts we think you'll find interesting.

Great Blue Heron (September 2012)

Spotted Eagle Ray (September 2012)

Queen of the Night – Princesa de Noche (September 2012)

Agouti (September 2012)

Leaves of the Yucatan (September 2012)

Spotted Sea Hare (September 2012)

Golden Fronted Woodpecker (August 2012)

Whale Sharks (August 2012)

How to ID a Sea Turtle (August 2012)

Green Sea Turtle (July 2012)

Flamingos (July 2012)

Loggerhead Sea Turtle (July 2012)