Dr. Donald Lippincott:
An extraordinary volunteer!

by Myrna Sparks

Don Lippincott
A very recent visitor to Akumal and Playa Caribe was a man who has spent a good part of his life volunteering globally with medical and dental teams to the poorest corners of the earth. Don, a retired dentist, is presently serving his local community of Grapeview, Washington as a fire fighter and EMT and is quick to answer any call requesting medical help.

Only a few days before coming to Akumal Don had returned from Haiti where he was a part of the International Medical Assistance Team (IMAT) who worked in the town of Jacmil, Haiti, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. each day, treating lines of patients with open wounds, severe burns, malaria, typhoid, meningitis, TB, and broken bones. Births and deaths were also part of what the volunteers were a part of while working at Jacmil.

In 2005 Don had just finished volunteering as a dentist in the mountains at Ladakh, Kashmir, at a base elevation of 11,000 ft. when a major earthquake ravaged the mountain communities of northern Pakistan. Don returned to those mountains and spent one winter month volunteering at the Muzaffarab Tent Hospital under severe and harsh conditions. Over 50,000 people were buried by the Pakistani earthquake and thousands were injured.

Working with Global Humanitarian Expeditions, which focuses on dental care for children, Don has brought dental care to people in India, Nepal and Guatemala. Working with one other American dentist, Don traveled to Afghanistan in 2008 to spend one month in an Afghani village providing dental care to the villagers. He said he felt safe since the warlord of the village promised the two dentists his protection out of gratitude for their assistance.

Don will be returning to Haiti in the next few days again to be a part of the IMAT group which consists of M.D.s, nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and pharmacists who can assist with the overwhelming medical needs of the Haitian people.

All who know Don are proud of his commitment to helping others and thankful there are people like Don in the world.

Come back to Akumal soon, Don!
Don and Joy Lippincott

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