February News from Mahahual

by Marilyn Marshall (Feb. 2012)

We will be ordering school playeras for the fall. Since we have funds to do this, it was thought to be a better plan to have them on hand, rather than order them in the fall, wait 2 months and the children receive them around Christmas, which is well into their school year. Our minimum order is 25, therefore we will place an order for that number. I will do this on our next trip to Chetumal.
We visited the secondary school to establish the status of the repairs to the computers which we donated. Videl stated that they are in Pixal in Chetumal for repair and he is waiting for a quote. On our visit we saw several filing cabinets and desks being delivered. Videl said they were for the new laptop computers that will be supplied by the Secretary of Schools in September. If the computers we have being repaired are not done in a timely manner, we will let go of the repair issue which has been ongoing for a very long time. Otto has agreed to hold off on the Internet service until such time the computers are returned.
We discussed the lona to be used for a backdrop at next year's Children's Christmas Party. CJ suggested that we incorporate Las Mahahualeρas on it so that the community is aware of the sponsorship. After some discussion, all agreed that we need to make it known (at the Party) who we are. However, the lona will only have a Christmas Tree and "Feliz Navidad" on it. The Mahaulaeρas lona will be hung separately for this reason.
School Supplies:
We have a visitor coming to Mahahual in February who would like to visit the schools and bring supplies to the children. His goal is commendable and we will be in touch with him to help him know what is needed. Supplies are in abundance at this time and we will discern where the needs are and relate them to him. Thanks to Kevin for bringing this to our attention.
Carol brought some very nice Spanish/English story books for the primary level for us to see. They are great and we all felt that being such a nice collection they need to be monitored at the schools. Carol suggested we ask Justa to consider how best to do this and seek her help and advice in presenting them perhaps to the Parent Association, for a way to make them available to the children at the primary school. The books are available online. If you would like the Web site, please contact Carol at Balamku.  983 732 1004.
Laurie reported that they made visits to Limones and Pulticub and were able to drop off clothing, towels, sheets, etc. Nancy, Debbie W. and Laurie are coordinating the clothing distribution and would like to emphasize that "towels" are a very welcome item, along with shoes (preferably flip flops). All clothing items are much appreciated, so please purge your closets one more time.
Pet Clinic:
The clinic was another huge success … they neutered/spayed 77 dogs...... amazing!!!! Job well done.  We struggle to keep ahead of the animal population and these veterinarians are a great service to our community. Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
Eye Clinic:
Tara is on her way once again with her team of doctors to give eye examinations to the local people!!!  
January 28th  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Calle Bacalar #9!!!
If you would like to help, please contact Justa and put your name on the list... 983 110 9496
Spanish Classes:
Several people have shown a keen interest, and Reggie of Restaurante Pariaso has offered to teach the class. I will send out a short blurb in the next few days giving the date, time, place, cost.
It's happening!!!!!!!!!!!!  At Balamku on Fridays at 11 a.m.  and it's FUN!!!!!

•    A tentative date of Saturday, March 24 has been set and we will ask Maria and Rolando at Blue Bay if we can possibly use their location for a "start/finish" and presentation of awards!!!!
•    Also we will be asking Susan Gregson to consider doing the warm-up exercises with the participants.
•    Ribbons will be given to ALL participants and Mary will order and donate the ribbons for the event..... thanks Mary!!!!
•    It was decided to go with Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners.
•    The groups will remain the same:
•    Group 1 - Pre kindergarten
•    Group 2 - Kindergarten
•    Group 3 - Grade 1/2
•    Group 4 - Grade 3/4
•    Group 5 - Grade 5/6
•    Group 6 - Grade 7,8,9 (Secondary)
•    It was agreed that we would supply water and chips to all participants.

This is a start to our planning. We will be needing a clown, banner, leaders, chest numbers, and YOUR  ideas, let me know if you would like to help?????
Parking Facility at Marriott:
In speaking with the Marriott Hotel near the Cancun airport this week, the manager will be taking our questions to the management team for discussion. The questions are, "Can we work together for Long-Term Parking facilities at your hotel (during the summer months)? Would there be a charge?" Rocio Rovierla will get back to me with answers; let's hope they're favourable!  At this time you are able to leave your car there free for up to one month, providing you book a room.
Information from Marcia at Mayan Beach Gardens:
•    The Airport in Tulum is on hold at this time.
•    Itravel2000 out of Canada will be looking at booking charter flights direct to Chetumal in 2012.  This is a huge breakthrough in bringing more international flights to the south end of our peninsula. Great news for all of us north of the Mexican border!!!!!
•    There is a shuttle "combi" service from Mahahual to Limones to enable people needing to catch a bus north or south on 307. Daily departures from Mahahual to Chetumal are at 6 a.m., 7 a.m., 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. Also, you can pick up a combi from Chetumal at the ADO bus terminal at even hours. The combis and buses will stop in Limones (for travel north connections) – MAKE SURE YOU LET THE COMBI DRIVER KNOW that you want off in Limones, then you can catch the Mayab Bus which leaves about once an hour.
•    Lionfish Tournament, February 10

Around town:
If you haven't tried their special fried rice …it's a must! Caroline makes it on Mondays and you can take it home for a special treat as well!!!! They also specialize in "pastrami" sandwiches....!
Is now open for business at Km. 12.5 south – Italian Cuisine, yum!!!
El Castillo:
Offering the best curried dishes … please call for reservations – 983 110 3056 … Gaby and Peter are your hosts!!!
Steve and Maggie are so accommodating … a great spot on the Malecon that serves "mini deep fried burritos"....  such a treat! Their salads and "special dressings" are something to discover!!!!
Nohoch Kay:
Deep Fried Shrimp Tacos and Fish and Chips are a couple of the quick lunch specials that make them Mundo Maya famous!!!! We go just for the hugs!!
Caballo Blanco:
Don't walk by … you will be sorry ,,, stop for their Chicken Wings and Quesadillas … what a treat! Tina also has a great pharmacy, speaks English, and is ready to help you with any questions. Her rooms are first class with a pool on the rooftop.

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