Fit Tips for Traveling

Here are 10 fitness tips from Educational Director, Julie Twynham of WaterART Fitness International, Inc.  that will assure you enjoy your vacation and stay in tip top fit shape.

1. Walk as much as you can.  This is a great way to see the wonderful sights and meet the local people, while also getting great exercise.

2. Hydrate.  Keep refilling that bottle of water.  Many times people mistake a local "bug" for dehydration.

3. Eat 3 Meals.  (see #6)  Enjoy the local cuisine and make time to eat those healthy well portioned meals

4. Bring your noodle to the beach.  Noodles are not just for kids, take them to the beach and add a water workout to your time at the beach.

5. Add some new activities.  If you are near the water try scuba, snorkeling or away from the beach try hiking or horseback riding.

6. Share a Meal.  Not only does it add a little romance but it helps count those calories while trying the local cuisine.

7. Resistance bands or tubes.  These simple pieces of equipment fit easily in your luggage and you can do a workout anywhere.

8. Flexibility.  Be aware of your flexibility - stretch and stay limber.

9. Posture.  Don't let your posture relax just because you are.  Keep in tuned with your posture.

10. Balance.  You can check and work on your balance at all times, it is especially fun in the water.

julie waterart