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Unique to this region of the world, Maya Cuisine is indeed different from traditional Mexican recipies. Perfect for parties, Sac-Be presents a few of our favorite recipes as well as interesting stories about local food and drinks.

wine_tasting_2-13.jpg 2013 Wine Tasting & Food Pairing Series to Begin in Puerto Morelos

Seven Friday evenings throughout the spring

Mari Pintkowsk B&B Chefs Ė Finally Going to School

La Selva Mariposa owners attend The Little Mexican Cooking School in Puerto Morelos.

Chaya Chaya, the Maya Spinach Tree

Michelle Bradshaw writes that chaya is very high in vitamins and minerals, much higher than its other green, leafy cousins.

Chef Gynna Private Dinner Parties

Grilled Chicatanas or Flying Ants Chicatanas or Grilled Flying Ants

A southern Mexico snack, by Jon Look

v28_chiles_thumb.jpg Chiles of the Yucatan

Check out a few of our most popular chiles.

Sherry Sullivan's Food Chiles Rellenos

from Sherry Sullivan's blog

Cochita pibil Cochinita Sunday

Dateline Akumal

ev_1_cocina_cult_t.jpg Cocina Cultural

The Days of the Dead holiday is when families remember and honor their loved ones that have gone into the after life.

v21_chocolate_thumb.jpg Discovering Chocolate

The first proven chocoholics where in fact the ancient Maya.

taste of playa Fifth Annual Taste of Playa - Sunday, November 24, 2013

at the Parque Fundadores in Playa del Carmen

v21_margarita_thumb.jpg How the Margarita Got Its Name

Was there a Margarita behind the Margarita?

cooking school Little Mexican Cooking School

By Michele Kinnon

Local Recipes by Bill - November 2008

Bill's Cranberry Salsa - perfect for Thanksgiving.

Sherry Sullivan's Food Love the Food When in the Yucatan

from Sherry Sullivan's blog

Lily Espinosa Michelada con Camarones

Cook with love and passion, by Lily Espinosa

Restaurant Macario Gomez Mole Symphony

Lisa Lazarovici, chef and traveler, describes her experience dining in small, out-of-the-way places in the Riviera Maya

Pozole Lily Espinosa Pozole Recipe from Rivera Kitchen Tulum

A favorite for Mexican Independance Day September 15th

Restaurant Las Estrellas Restaurant Las Estrellas Menu

at Cabanas La Luna in Tulum

Lily Espinosa Sopa de Hongos - Mushroom Soup Recipe

by Lily Espinosa, Riviera Kitchen Tulum

Lol Ha Akumal Mexico Summer Light Fare at Lol-Ha Restaurant

Summer 2014

Taste of Playa 2011
Scheduled for November 20

Playa Del Carmen

taste_of_playa_logo.jpg Taste of Playa 2013

VIP passes available online starting July 15

Taste of Playa 4th Event a Huge Success

The event received an estimated 8,000 visitors this year.

agave_field.jpg Tequila 101

Learn all about our favorite beverage from Russ Motley of Akumal.

Agave Plant Tequila 102

Part Two of a series about tequila, by Russ Motley

103_last.jpg Tequila 103

The third installment of the series, by Russ Motley

mezcal_worm-russ.jpg Tequila 104

The fourth installment of the series, by Russ Motley

ev_3_tort_tequila_t.jpg The Virtues of Tequila

Over Three Generations Ago, Indalecio NuŮez Had This To Say About Tequila

avocado_5-13.jpg Uses for an Avocado

from Sherry Sullivan's blog

Ziggy's Beach Club Tulum Ziggy's Restaurant Review

Ziggy's Restaurant and Beach Club is located on Tulum Beach.

La Selva Mariposa

Casa Carolina Xcalak

Villas Flamingo