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Gringo Furniture takes the stress out of finding quality furnishings

NEW Idea for Foreigners Buying Property in Mexico!

Gringo Furniture
Foreigners buying real estate in Mexico have many obstacles ahead once they take that plunge to buy their DREAM vacation home. Once past the closing of the property, reality sinks in and they realize they are now in a different country, with a difference language and a different culture. All this can add up to stress and frustration, taking the fun out of their new vacation home.

Launched in September 2006, a solution to take one of the biggest stress’s out of owning property in Mexico “buying furniture”. No longer will foreigners have to endure language difficulties, over pricing, endless trips to different stores, out of stock products and arranging & waiting for numerous deliveries.

Karen Scott is the person behind www.gringofurniture.com. Her idea was born after she finished furnishing her second home in Puerto Morelos Mexico, on the Mayan Riviera. She had already experienced all the downfalls of furnishing her first villa in 2002 and was prompted by friends to use her on-line experience to start a business geared towards people just like her.

She told us the story behind her idea
Gringo Furniture
"Back in January of 2002 my husband and I bought our first villa in Mexico. It was a very exciting time in our lives and we were so thrilled to finally have the dream of owing a vacation home become a reality. The closing of the property was much different from what we had experienced in Canada. We were lucky to have purchased a home that had clear title and find a lawyer who would complete the deal correctly. By July of that same year we were owners of our new villa.

One of the most exciting jobs for me was to decorate the villa. Finally I was going to be able to buy all those Mexican pieces that were so expensive up in Canada and have them in my new home in Mexico. So, off we went to Mexico on a week’s holiday from our jobs up in Canada. We jumped on a plane, rented a car for the week, planned out what stores we were going to go to and set off our first full day believing we were prepared and organized. It seemed easy enough, we were excited and hopefully we’d have time left for the beach near the end of the week.

Gringo Furniture
Within the first few hours we realized we had underestimated the magnitude of this job and there was not going to be a single moment left for anything other than shopping for the week. Bye-Bye to the beach, bye-bye to any rest or relaxation we had hoped to get. This week was going to consist of getting up at the crack of dawn, drive around, get lost, drive around again, get lost again, find parking and try to furnish this villa with something acceptable. The excitement of this job was gone and what settled in was panic and thoughts of going over our budget and compromising what we really wanted.

Not knowing the language posed a bigger problem than we had anticipated. The inability to use our credit card posed a huge risk as we had to withdrawal large amounts of cash out and carry it around. But getting what we bought delivered was the most frustrating to us. Most items we wanted
Gringo Furniture
were a 3-4 week delivery which would not work as we’d be back home by then. When we changed our choices to things in stock we compromised what we wanted and realized we were also paying far too much. We bought furnishing at different stores and had to pay full delivery at each place. The deliveries came at different times during the week which stopped us from accomplishing more because we had to sit at home and wait for the delivery to arrive. And, as we all know, nothing arrives on time in Mexico and we wasted precious days waiting for deliveries that didn’t even come.

In the end we finished the job after having to come home and then return a few weeks later to finish up. We were exhausted, over budget, stressed out and certainly not 100% happy with what we bought. We arrive back home the second time only to go back to work with no vacation days left, un-relaxed, broke, and wondering why this job that is normally so easy to accomplish in Canada was so darn hard in Mexico."

Gringo Furniture
In 2005 Karen and her husband began construction on their new vacation home in Puerto Morelos. The thought of having to spend more horrifying weeks shopping was, to say the least, daunting. Their villa was twice the size of the last one and had an additional 2,000 sqft to furnish. That is when www.gringofurniture.com started to grow in Karen’s mind.

The idea continued to grow in Karen’s mind as the finish date of the villa loomed closer and closer. She researched, found partners, got financing and decided her ne