Group Travel Part 3

June 2008

We have found that people rave about their group travel experiences - especially those who were hesitant to even consider traveling with others. The comments we get are about:
  • The ease of the travel plans, every detail is taken care of.
  • The friends they have made.
  • The versatility of the vacation.
  • The memories and the personal touches
  • . The ability to take advantage of otherís network, expertise and knowledge.
  • The elements of education, ecology, culture, history, and personalized travel all rolled into one trip.

We have a number of group travel trips that are ready for you to join and many more that are in the works. For example, for those who are water aerobics instructors and need to update their credits or have always thought about becoming a water aerobics personal trainer, or just plain love the water, we have a trip from November 5-11th that is right up your alley. Just Imagine Vacations along with WaterARTS is offering a trip to Akumal that combines a fun Caribbean vacation with a chance to earn continuing education credits or to become a certified personal trainer.

Or maybe you are interested in a trip that combines the beauty and nature of the Caribbean coast with the Culture and colonial history of the Yucatan and Gulf Coast. This November, 10th - 19th we are offering a trip that begins and ends in Akumal, while the middle is filled with music, museums, shopping, and eating in Merida, a look at the Gulf Coast and more. This will be one of our most diverse trips - you will go from relaxing on the Caribbean coast and exploring the eco-parks and biosphere to the hustle and bustle of Merida - jammed pack with some of the most incredible colonial architecture and modern cultural events.

You can combine these two November Trips or sign up for the one that suits you best.

In the works for the summer of 2009 is a trip perfect for grandparents. Many of the grandparents who have taken our tours talked frequently of how they would love to share this unique adventure with their grandchildren. But, they felt over-whelmed when it came to planning the itinerary and taking care of the details. So we offered to help. This trip is available for grandchildren of all ages but we highly recommend it for 8-12 year olds. Your accommodations can either be a shared villa with housekeeping and cooks, or a hotel room. We will take care of all your needs. We will be offering tours, arts and crafts, a chance to meet some local kids, activities at Centro Ecologico Akumal, CEA, snorkeling and much more. They will even have time each day to post their experiences online so their parents can stay in touch.

Dates to be Determined. Just Imagine Vacations is working with a group of regular Akumal visitors from the Adirondacks that has been extremely involved with theater, education and culture. Together we are hoping to sponsor a trip that will combine ecology, arts, history and expand the trip to include the Maya Ruins, colonial history and architecture, folk art, museums and more, while traveling on a trail that will cover both Quintana Roo and Yucatan states. This eclectic trip will bring together the elements of environment, culture, and more within the unique and diverse Yucatan Peninsula. Participants will not only get a chance to tap into their own creativeness but also experience a vast variety of cultural opportunities. One of the main purposes of this trip is to forge lifetime connections to the local people and places by starting to connect with the population prior to our trip, and combine activities with these new acquaintances with the goal of forging life-long friendships. We believe that the personal touch is necessary, and that is one of the things that sets our groups apart. This trip is currently open for all ages.

If you are interested in any of these trips - or you have ideas for some of your own please contact us. The best part is we will work with you to customize these trips so you relax, enjoy the vacations and know that all the little details are taken care of. Just Imagine Vacations