Mahahual's Hair-Cutting and Hygiene Program

(March 2015)

Cristina and William Connolly, hairdressers from Saratoga Springs, New York, have owned property in Mahahual for 11 years. Each time they are in Mahahual they try to give to the community, in the same way they do in New York. Recently with the help of local Ana Antillanca from Nacional Beach Club, the duo began a program at the local school, Hair-cutting and Hygiene. "It was so rewarding to us; the gratification was instant as you saw the smiles on the children's faces and later that week walking in town the children would run up to see us and introduce us to the parents, showing off their new haircuts," said William.

"Something so simple as a haircut can really change how a person feels about themselves; it not only puts a sense of pride in the children, but their family and the whole community. On our future visits we would like to work with the school and expand with an ongoing program on hygiene," explains Cristina.

The Connollys would like to thank the school and the community for the opportunity, and acknowledge the efforts Ana Antillanca puts forth. Ana works tirelessly in the community for the children, women and families, as well as the whole environment. A current project that she is working on is making hygienic pads made of fabric. This school program is designed to have the children and their moms learn to make their own hygienic pads. Ana feels strongly that this is a very important project and wants to help make women aware that plastic alternative products can cause cancer and also pollute our environment—"keeping the children and women healthy as well as Mother Earth," Cristina says.

Both the hair-cutting/hygiene class and Ana's project tie in together and we hope there is a long-term relationship with the school and community with these projects.

Donations are needed to buy fabric and supplies for Ana's project. If anyone would like to donate, you can contact Ana at in Mahahual or Cristina and William Connolly at

mahahual kids

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