Happy Ending for Both Rigo and Adopters

by Trish Bennett  (July 2012)

I have been involved with Tierra de Animales for over a year now. I believe in everything Ricardo Pimentel does, and always knew we would adopt a dog from him. The right dog and right timing had to present themselves.
Last November sweet Alux was rescued by Ricardo and Lisa Edwards. Chad and I thought, This is our dog! We looked at those eyes and knew we definitely wanted her. She had been through so much in her lifetime and we wanted to give her a great life. Unfortunately, that was not meant to be. Ricardo did everything possible but all of the love and care in the world could not save her; she passed away from distemper. Even though I was heartbroken, we KNEW we would adopt another dog in Alux's memory.
A few months later, Lisa told me that they had found the perfect dog for me. His name was Rabito; he had a little rabbit tail. Ricardo had rescued him from being chained under a car. Lisa told me that he was a lovable, sweet, playful dog. I saw a photo of him and thought he was so adorable and agreed that we would adopt him as long as he liked US! Chad and I visited again in March and when we met Rabito (now Rigo), we couldn’t believe how perfect he was for us! He was an absolute doll. Although we couldn't bring him home on our flight, Lisa said she would bring him back the following month.
Today Rigo is having an amazing life with his new sisters. He can't believe he has his own bed, his own toys and his own food bowls. He is so grateful for his new life and shows it by leaning his whole body in for hugs. I have never met a dog who just wants to be hugged as much as he does—it's so adorable.  People are amazed that he has never had an accident in the house and only chews and plays with his toys—so smart! He is the funniest dog and he never lets me out of his sight. He is my protector and I do realize how lucky I am that Rigo adopted us! When I look at him, I know that he loves me more than anything else—except maybe his Nylabones!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tierra de Animales for bringing Rigo to me. I know we are so, so lucky!!!!

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