Update from Hekab Be Library

(January 2012)

Sporting Up for the New Year!

A Happy Start to the New Year at Hekab Be
Hekab Be would like to extend a very heartfelt thank-you to all of those who donated and helped us meet our $2000 goal for the Holiday Challenge Grant that we received in December! Thanks to all our generous supporters, we are ringing in 2012 in better financial shape than we ever have before. What an enormous gift; we can’t say enough, just how thankful we are. Special thanks to the anonymous donors who sponsored the Challenge Grant by putting up the matching funds!

HB Teams Up with Yoga en Akumal to Offer Yoga for Kids
by Marti Johnston &  Ileana Cuenca of Yoga en Akumal

What is a Yoganito? A little yogi in training who is part of Hekab Be’s after-school program. What does a Yoganito do? Just like the big kids at Yoga en Akumal, they salute the sun, and they make warriors, triangles, monkeys, dogs, cats, mountains and trees. Yoganitos sing mantras, OM OM’s, and, breathe. They even get to play dead, resting and restoring; everybody's favorite is savasana (corpse pose).
This enrichment program has grown from an HB summer school activity for the past two years, to once a week starting this past fall. It has been offered by Yoga en Akumal at no charge. Beginning this year, as of this January, we are now able to offer classes to the kids twice weekly, by raising funds to pay the teacher, Ileana Cuenca.

Already we have received donations to cover the first month and a half of classes!

If you are interested in making a  U.S. tax-deductible contribution to support the Yoganitos program, you can do so through the HB’s PayPal account (with either a credit card or your own PayPal account) in 3 easy steps:

1. Go to our main blog.
2. Click on the DONATE button.
3. Be sure to make note on your donation form that your contribution is for the yoga program.

HB Helps Support Soccer Teams in Akumal
A few years ago there were no organized sports teams for children in Akumal. Then about two years ago a boys’ soccer team was formed and since then another boys’ team was formed. Recently a group of girls got together to form their own team. Although HB does not generate enough income to officially sponsor any of these teams, we always help out when we can, by donating any equipment we have received, and by helping to be a conduit for those who wish to bring equipment for these teams.

In the past few months, HB has been pleased to receive several donations on behalf of these soccer teams. Robbie & Donna Hayes donated 30 pairs of gently used soccer cleats and shin guards, most of which were distributed to the boys’ team. Patricia Beddows donated brand new team shirts and soccer balls for the girls’ team. The kids were just thrilled to get the equipment, and you could see it in their faces and the bounce of their (newly shoed) feet!

If you’re interested in helping to support these teams, please e-mail us.

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