Hekab Be Library Summer Program

Hello all Hekab Be Biblioteca supporters! Itís Anne, the previous Director of the library and current member of the Board of Directors.

As you may know, we are in the midst of our fundraiser for the Summer Program 2015, which starts July 20. I have been looking through photos, trying to choose one that encapsulates the love and joy that we all experienced during the summer of 2014. What I found is that it is too difficult to choose just one photo! I have inserted just a few hereóif you would like to see more, please visit our Facebook page!

lib4 lib3 lib2 lib1

We all have wonderful memories of the amazing things we learned and experienced, not to mention the friends we made! We danced, we read, we acted, we took photos, we cooked, we played, we went to the beach, we did yoga, we learned how to swim, we learned about famous artists and composers, and we had a lot of FUN!!!!

lib5 lib6 lib7 lib8