Family Day at Hidden Worlds

snorkeling at Hidden Worlds
As a family, we have been returning year after year to the Rivera Maya to enjoy her blue Caribbean waters as well as her emerald green cenotes. I remember our first trip down here like it was yesterday. It was a bit over ten years ago, when Justin was just crawling and Katie was 5. My husband, Rick, and I were divers before we were parents; and we would take turns each day between diving and watching the kids. Rick was the first to try diving in a cenote. I went for an incredible ocean dive our first day, but as we woke on our second day, Rick was crushed to see the ocean was too rough to dive. However, the dive shop told him of an inland option – a cenote - that was a “must see” for all divers. Rick was sold!

He came back that evening with the biggest smile I had seen in a while, and he had the idea that it was a perfect place to take the kids. We always joke that our children learned to swim before they learned to walk, and snorkeling was their favorite vacation activity. Granted, that first year Justin was happy simply floating in his inner tube; however, Katie was a snorkeling natural. Rick and I each went for a few cavern dives and the kids loved playing in the cool, crystal clear waters.

snorkeling at Hidden Worlds
About five years ago, we finally heard about Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, and it rapidly became our choice vacation hang-out. Both Rick and I were able to dive in the same day; while one was underwater, the other had the kids on a jungle cenote snorkeling adventure. We discovered the perfect place for our family.

This year was the first time our family was spilt in a different way. Katie, who is now 15, has become a diver. She did a few ocean dives during her training last year, and this year she could not wait to make it to Hidden Worlds to see her favorite snorkeling spot from an entirely new perspective. Rick and Ju