Akumal Dining

Imelda’s Good Food at La Ecocina


For those who don’t already know, authentic Maya Cuisine is among the tastiest world-wide; however, finding a spot to enjoy it that is neither too far off the beaten track nor too pricey is not the easiest thing for a visitor. If you’re looking for “someplace else” to try real Yucatecan food, then look no more. Imelda’s Good Food at La Ecocina, situated between CEA, TSA, and the Akumal Dive Shop, serves breakfast and lunch daily and a ‘Maya Dinner’ buffet on Mondays and Thursdays (reservations only). A favorite among the Sac-Be Staff as well as many other Akumaleños for their hearty breakfasts, La Ecocina is a true local dining experience. Offering all the necessary egg combinations with beans and tortillas, Imelda also has a few international plates like the French toast and the Mc Maya breakfast sandwich to please the whole crowd. Rather than featuring a standard menu for lunch, Imelda keeps things interesting by preparing three daily noon-time specials that are always fabulous, one of which is always vegetarian.

While you’re in Akumal, enjoy a Maya Dinner which includes an incredible Maya buffet spread and live entertainment. Among others favorites, the buffet had Pollo Pibil (chicken baked in the ground in banana leaves with Maya spices), a variety of salsas, rice, beans, cheese empanadas, tropical fruit salad, and flan to finish it all off. Imelda provides Jamaica (a tea made of hibiscus flower) and visitors are welcome to B.Y.O.-whatever. As you sat and enjoyed your selections from the buffet, Karina, Fatima, and Mili put on a great show featuring traditional and modern dance of Mexico and the Yucatan. Both the entertainment and the food are authentic and fun!

La Ecocina, meaning “ecological kitchen,” is just that. Imelda composts the organic waste from all the fresh veggies she uses. La Ecocina could, however, also mean the “economical kitchen,” for the prices are extremely reasonable, and the food ‘home-made’ good!

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