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Loquito's at Lol-Ha

Loquitos in Akumal

Lol-Ha has opened up a Taco Cart! Now you can experience Mexican Street Food on the Beach and head over for dessert next door! Try our fresh variety of tacos, empanadas, grilled green onions, and our delicious salsas! All with homemade corn tortillas or flour tortillas! Eat right there, or take them to your favorite spot on the beach!

Check out our video of Loquito's.

Read more about Loquito's in our Hotel Akumal Caribe review:
"I would be remiss not to mention the recently added Loquito's. It's a good thing I don't have an addictive personality or I would be in big trouble now. I was literally becoming very attached to this food; in fact I'm feeling a bit of a twitch as I write this. Loquito's has the best tacos and empanadas and at very reasonable prices! Where else can you sit right on the beach and have lunch for under $5 US, or a snack for under $2 US? The food is prepared in a very authentic, typical way. You will smile when you see some of the familiar faces who show up to get their fix."

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