March Meeting of Mahahualeans Minutes

 Mahahualeans met at Fernando's new location... wow, very nice!!!
Thank you Fernando for the complimentary drinks and snacks.
So kind of you, as usual  ..... !!!!!
A rundown on what's on the "docket" and the Marathon review...
Clothing - drop off locations:  bring 'em down!!!!!!
1.    North end    -    Debbie Worthington
2.    Central        -    Nancy Wilson (Castaway Book Store)
3.    South  end   -    Laurie Bailer
4.    We have a contact in Playa del Carmen who will receive clothing and deliver it to Mahahual... contact Laurie Bailer for further information at as someone will meet you in Playa del Carmen.
School Supplies:
Justa has agreed to be the keeper of School Supplies, distribution to the schools and our liaison... thanks so much Justa... a huge help!!!!!
Samaritan's Purse:
I sent another email to a contact person  (Houston Sloan) in South Carolina and hope to hear back soon.  Otherwise, we will be on our own with regard to toys for the Christmas Party - be prepared to hear from me... by the way you can bring toys down - year round!!!!
AJ will be giving us a sketch of the property on the south end of the football field... for presentation to the Alcalde and Fishermen for approval...  I am hoping that we can get this rolling in April.
    We have 3 large bags of chips left which will be distributed to the small schools i.e. Miriam's, Elsy's and Nancy and Debbie's Mickey Mouse Club.
    CJ and Lloyd also have a large amount of water and will be donating much to the Mickey Mouse Club.
    The Leaders felt that the warm up was a little too long (being in the heat) as the little children complained of being too hot. Shade may be the answer.  Next year it would be good to have the warm up taken to the schools prior to the event, to entice the children to participate.
    Blue Bay.. was a great location and they were so very cooperative to help us out... gracias Maria and Rolando.
    CJ suggested that the oldest kids should run first .... as they are the fastest... that may be a way around the confusion at the finish line... however, the youngest children were anxious to go, as they were hot.
    A small problem came to light in that some of the students were asked to wear their uniforms at the Marathon to gain marks.  This will be addressed.
    The chest numbers need to be pinned at the bottom as well so that they don't fly up when they are running.

Thank you so much to each of you who came and helped and also those who made such kind donations.  It was unfortunate that so many of the children did not attend... this will be  addressed as more promotion and being more visual at this schools would definitely make a difference.  It was so much fun to meet some of you.  Your presence makes our workload light and "fun".....  Muchas Gracias!!!!!!
FOOD BANK:   ------- Please pass this information along to friends and neighbors!!!!!
I attend the Lutheran Church, and they are keenly interested in opening a food bank in Mahahual.  Laurie offered her "foodstuffs" that she would like to donate on her departure for the summer.  This sounded like a great opportunity for us to put the word out to each of you ...
So, if you would like to donate your non perishables to this worthy cause, please contact Debbie Blackburn as she will orchestrate the distribution to the poor families in Km. 55.  We have donated a fridge to help store the perishables... and hopefully they won't be too many as they don't have a long life span.  The ladies also suggested that we solicit the tiendas and suppliers i.e. Sabritas, Bimbo, etc. to donate outdated products to the food bank.
We would appreciate your kind donations .  The location of the Lutheran Church will be across from Aroma's at the old Loco Ricky's Restaurant.  However, please contact.......................
Debbie Blackburn        email:  or phone:  983 124 6818
Pastor Briones will be working at this location, but at the moment it is under construction.
 Can I retire?????
I presented the ladies with the idea that I would like to back away from some of the responsibility of the Mahahualenas.  As much as it has been such an important part of my life and has been near and dear to me,  I find I could use more "down" time.  So it would be a huge help if we could find someone to first take on the responsibility of organizing the Silent Auction  and Bingo in the fall.   If you are interested or would be willing to help organize it... please present yourself... we need donations to make our projects happen.  Our project this coming year is the Zocalo, and that is high priority ...  we are still in the early stages but we have a grand vision.
The Christmas Party (another expense) is a huge undertaking now as it has grown so large... however, if I could ask some of you to take on one area of interest,  i.e. lighting, toys for specific age groups, pinatas, music, set up/tear down, this would all help a lot.  Also preparation of candy hand outs, refreshments with ice, arrival of Santa, organizing the pictures, MC, just to name a few areas.
I am always open to new ideas and suggestions...
Have a wonderful summer.... we are all leaving with heavy hearts as Mexico has made it's way into each of them.
Until we meet again amigos!!!!!
Marilyn Marshall.
Cdn. Phone: 403-272-9611
Mex. Phone: 983-117-5847
Magic Jack 403 800 2403

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