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Mari Pintkowski

Mari Pintkowski

AKA Moe Mulrooney


Mari Pintkowski closed one door of her life as Moe Mulrooney and entered another with a different culture, language and environment waiting to be explored.

Moe Mulrooney spent 25 years of her adult life as a teacher and director at an early childhood program, The Learning Tree, that she founded and taught at in Vail, Colorado. In 2001, she closed the school and after one year consulting with other professionals and sharing her knowledge as an early childhood educator, walked out of this life and opened another door that she and her husband, Lou Pintkowski, entered. She has chronicled this journey from Vail to Tulúm, México, where they reinvented their lives and entered a new world with a different culture, language and environment just waiting to be explored. Her travel memoir, "Embarking on the Mariposa Trail," describes the adventures they encountered buying property on the Caribbean coast and their move to a small Maya pueblo, just 15 minutes inland, where they built and currently operate a very unique and popular boutique hotel, La Selva Mariposa.


Mari Pintkowski also is a contributing writer for www.sac-be.com and www.playamaya.news. When she and her husband encounter a new adventure along their "Mariposa Trail," Mari shares the details with their present and possible hotel guests through her stories.


In 2007, when their grandson, Kaidan Mykal Leeper, was born, she wanted to find a way to share the beauty and uniqueness of the tropical jungle that surrounds La Selva Mariposa, and writing a children's book seemed like the most logical avenue. She wrote the book "Molly the Gecko Hunter" to introduce the three house dogs, Molly, Zoie and Rosie, and the flora and fauna at the B&B to her grandson. The glossary at the end of the book was a suggestion from one of the children at the elementary schools in Vail where Mari shares her stories. During visits over the past five years to Vail, Mari always makes time to visit the local pre-schools and elementary schools to talk to the children about her life as a writer and B&B operator at La Selva Mariposa in México.

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