Meet Bartolo Balan Poot

Where is he from?
Bart is from Mérida which is about 3 hours from Akumal. He is the youngest of 5 children; he has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They all still live in Mérida.

How long has Bart worked at HAC?

Bart started with Hotel Akumal Caribe 7˝ years ago. He worked as a cashier at the snack bar for three months before changing jobs to front desk receptionist.

What brought Bart to Akumal?
Four years ago, Bart traveled the Riviera Maya and he loved Akumal because it was on the beach and it was a quiet place. When he was looking for a job later, he remembered Akumal and returned to find employment.

Special memory

Bart likes to snorkel. Some of his special memories are when he is snorkeling and he sees all the turtles.

What does Bart like to do on his time off?
Some of Bart's hobbies are to read books, watch old movies, going to Playa del Carmen with friends to watch movies at the cinema, and snorkeling. Bart also likes to travel.

A goal of Bart's
Bart would like to learn another language, such as French.

What does he like most about working at HAC?

Bart enjoys meeting new people. He likes to get to know them and learn about their country. Bart enjoys being able to talk to the guests about the different experiences there are to enjoy in this area. He says he wants to help the guests to have a better vacation.

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