The sun came up and the birds in the trees began to sing. If you listen you can hear the chatter of the Oriole, Mot-mot, Toucan, and the Grackle birds.

Molly, Zoie, an Rosie live together in this tropical jungle that surrounds a little Bed & Breakfast, La Selva Mariposa.

Long before the guests arise and the last of the evening moths have found a hiding place in a dark corner, Molly and her two amigas are stretching before they lumber off to explore the sandy paths that trail off behind their sleeping quarters.

The chipi-chipi rain begins to softly drizzle down on their shiny bodies as they explore the wonders that blossomed and grew during the night. There are spider webs galore, and morning glories glisten as the drops of rain cling to their bright purple petals. Tiny yellow sunflowers have bloomed and cover the thick jungle area.

The three dogs, with Molly in the lead, seem to be on a mission. A tiny frog is barely noticed as Molly scatters off the path in search of a fast running gecko that resembles a raptor. Zoie and Rosie stand alert with eyes focused on the jungle patch that Molly has fled into while crushing berries under her feet. She brushes against the Chechen tree that secrets a poisonous sap from its trunk that will burn the skin of humans. The antidote for the burns caused by the poison comes from a nearby tree called the Chacah. Its bark is reddish and is often peeling like the skin of tourists who spent too many hours in the tropical sun.

The drizzle has stopped, and the sun is peeking through the tender shoots of the hollow trunks of the Wiyaba trees that are scattered in this section of the property.

Molly spots a flowering Bromeliad and plunges her shiny black nose into the slick sticky leaves that surround the protruding red flower. Zoie and Rosie approach and root around in the leaves behind Molly, and in seconds all three are back on the sandy path.

They come up to a friendly looking fellow dressed in a Hawaiian print shirt with long wild hair, and soon discover it is only one of the scarecrows perched near a pineapple patch. Molly moves toward the spiky plants, with tiny fruit developing in the center of each one, and quickly moves on.

The sun is shinning brightly and illuminating the brilliant blue Morpho butterfly. Together they dash under the tall mango and lime trees in search of a beautifully marked young gecko. She outruns them, and they are back on the path with the butterfly at their tails.

The rain drops are evaporating on the orchids and cactus that cling to the trees overhead and their delicate petals seem to lift their faces.

Molly leads her two amigas up the stairs above the carport where a giant black iron gecko guards the kitchen garden. They inspect the corn and tomato plants and the towering sun flowers, but find no sport among these plants. As fast as they arrived, they disappear down the stairs and head toward the semi-outdoor dining room where the hotel guests are eating breakfast and making plans for the day.

Each dog peeks her head over the low wall and into the room and elicits smiling faces and friendly greetings from their new friends. The three dogs all settle in on the path near-by and wait until the guests leave. They wonder why the little boy is so excited as he runs off to find his mom. They’re in luck, the gate has been left open and Molly zeros in on a plate laden with strawberry yogurt and a few bits of fruit, and THERE she spots the red blinking eyes and squishy body of a frightened gecko who has just fallen from the palapa roof onto this soft pile of yogurt.

Young Ben and his mom enter the dining room and he shows her what has magically appeared in his yogurt. Together they rescue the little gecko that is only inches from Molly’s copper-colored eyes and shiny black nose.

Molly’s day is complete for she has had a good hunt and she and her amigas are ready for breakfast, followed by a nap and perhaps a dream about a red-eyed gecko.

Mari Pintkowski and her husband Lou, own and operate their B&B, La Selva Mariposa located in Tulum on the road to Coba. If you want to read more about their adventures moving from Vail, Co. to Mexico order Mari’s book :

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