Pablo Bush Romero

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An account of Pablo Bush Romero's life reads much like a Baedeker of adventure, for the author led an active and varied life dominated by his great love of the outdoors. Photographer, big game hunter, lecturer, explorer, sportsman, writer, and businessman - all of these apply to him, and one more: humanitarian. For Mr. Romero was a member of many civic and historical associations, and received various awards from such organizations as the Boy Scouts of America, the Tennessee Archaeological Society, and the National Geographic Society.

Born in Mexico City on October 6, 1905, he received his education there. An experienced writer, his articles appeared in many Spanish and English magazines, and in newspapers of the United States, Canada, Europe, South America and Mexico. In addition to Under the Waters of Mexico, he also penned My Adventures with Tigers and Lions, Mexico and Africa from the Sight of My Rifle, and The Birth of Mexican Underwater Archaeology.

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