Your Positive Thought: A Living Work of Art

(August 2012)

The Pyramid of Positive Thinking – Where Time Stops, Only to Be Reborn

For thousands of years this small, laid-back beach town in the Riviera Maya, Mexico has been an important place, beginning with the ancient Maya civilization who originally inhabited the walled city they knew as Zamá—place where the sun is born. Now Tulum is an important tourist zone for travelers from all over the world to explore the wonders of the Maya world, the magnificent turquoise Caribbean Sea, sparkling white sand beaches, and the flora, fauna, cenotes and subterranean river systems of the dense jungle. Taking shape in the heart of this natural splendor, within the newest eco-chic addition to Tulum, Aldea Zamá, an up-and-coming community for beautiful living in commune with nature, is the exciting project conceptualized by Xavier De Maria y Campos, The Pyramid of Positive Thinking.

According to the ancient Maya, the beginning of a new world will take place on December 21, 2012; it will be the end and beginning of an era. For artist Xavier De Maria y Campos this is a time for people to come together in a positive way and he is calling out to the whole world to bring their positive thoughts and wishes to Tulum to be part of his Pyramid of Positive Thinking and celebration of a new beginning. He states, "The Maya people are still building pyramids, but this time they are now being built with positive thoughts."

The pyramid is being built in Aldea Zamá, near the ocean in the heart of the Tulum jungle. Tulum is known for its beautiful Maya archeological site overlooking the Caribbean Sea and its many unobstructed kilometers of pristine, sugar-white sand beaches that stretch into the Sian Ka'an Biosphere. Tulum is the gateway to the Riviera Maya which makes it the perfect setting for this cross-culture art installation. The inception of this magnificent structure begins with one man's journey for understanding and his desire to create a culturally unifying monument to the Maya culture.

Xavier De Maria y Campos is a mixed-media artist originally from Mexico City. His love of Mexican culture and curiosity about the new era the Maya calendar is about to mark, inspired within him an investigatory journey. He began to research Maya culture and the year 2012 on the Internet which ultimately led to him to the concept of this communal project. He found many people asking questions about the the Maya calendar and the year 2012; he was overcome with the sheer number of questions and by so few outlets for people to actively get involved with this mystical time in history. His heart told him there was a need for some way for people to participate in celebrating the upcoming change. He wanted to make a positive impact to celebrate the end of this era and to usher in a new positive beginning. Born of this desire to include the general public, he created The Pyramid of Positive Thoughts as a way for people to connect with and honor the ancient Maya culture and the beginning of the new world cycle that the year 2012 represents. The artist identified a need for people to be involved and dedicated himself to creating a project based on the participation of people from all over the world. He wanted to collect and amplify their positive thoughts and intentions for this new cycle that he believes will be fostered by our positive thoughts.

The Pyramid of Positive Thinking is a heartfelt tribute to the Maya culture and can also be interpreted as cry out to the community of the Riviera Maya, and the world, for consciousness about recycling and the collaborative positive effect we can have on the world. The entrance to the pyramid grounds is a winding path marked with sticks tethered together in a triangular shape and painted bright red; it is called the Kukulkan path and represents the image of the Maya god Kukulkan, the Plumed Serpent. The pyramid shape has long been believed to have special properties and has been used by many different cultures throughout the ages. Xavier believes the pyramid wiill have an incubating effect on the positive thoughts housed within that will play an integral part in the new world cycle to come.

The Pyramid of Positive thoughts is a construction of metal framework built in a pyramid form that, when completed, will be a living flowering monument to mark this historic event. This impressive structure stands 12 meters (almost 40-feet) high and has the capacity to hold approximately 700,000 positive thoughts in PET plastic bottles. According to the artist, these seven hundred thousand positive thoughts, "Will gestate a synergy among us all who bring their positive thoughts inside a PET bottle to be reused in the construction of the pyramid." The pyramid structure is being filled with positive messages, thoughts, wishes, and intentions, written down on paper and placed in PET plastic bottles. The framework is then wrapped with a biodegradable mesh gardening material and planted with flowering plants and vines indigenous to the jungle of this region.

The first 2 1/2 meters of the base of the pyramid are already filled with positive thoughts and intentions. That is quite a pile of bottled positive messages already inside; around 40,000, with an average of 2,000 new positive messages being added daily. Now is the time that the project needs an extra push, as time is starting to run out. The artist is hoping to have the entire structure filled and planted before the end of this cycle of the Maya calendar, December 21, 2012. His aim is to have the pyramid filled as quickly as possible so as to have enough time for planting. He would like it to be fully blooming and brimming with positive messages for that precious moment of the dawn of the new era.

It has been said that one smile can travel around the whole world; if that is true, how much power can 700,000 positive messages and intentions have together? We would love to find out! In an effort to help fill the pyramid with positive thoughts, we would like to invite you to post your positive thoughts here in the comment section of this blog. We will print out your thoughts weekly, bottle them in PET bottles to be recycled, and add them to the Pyramid of Positivity. How often can you be a part of something so wholeheartedly well intended and so much bigger than yourself in the time it takes to type a sentence?

Please, join us, take a moment of your time to leave your positive thought for the world, the universe, yourself or your family.

Or meet the artist in person and give him your positive thought at the Caminarte art exposition every Thursday evening beginning at 6 p.m. on Playa del Carmen's lively 5th Avenue, between Constituyentes and Avenida 40. Xavier De Maria y Campos is usually near 28th Avenue on 5th, calling out to passersby to donate a positive thought to this positively inspired project. Your positive thought can help realize this artist's dream and help to make a positive statement to the Riviera Maya community and the world.

Xavier explains it this way, "The first step involved is to generate your positive thought, search the message deep inside your heart, the one you would like to bring into this pyramid which, as an incubator, will be sent to the universe from the very heart of Tulum, Mexico. Once you have your thoughts in writing, deposit it inside of a PET bottle, close it tightly, and then take it to the participating hotels, restaurants, or stores that will have space for collation of positive thoughts."

We invite you to post your positive thoughts in the comments section of this blog post if you can not be present in the Riviera Maya. Neither time nor distance should keep you from sharing your positive message in this important living work of art in the heart of the Mundo Maya.

To be a part of the Pyramid of Positive Thinking:

Think of a positive thought, message or intention.

Write it in the comment section of this blog -or-

Write it on paper, place it in a bottle, and give it directly to the artist, Xavier Del Maria y Campos, at Caminarte every Thursday evening -or-

Write it on the Pyramid of Positive Thoughts web page -or-

Write it on the Facebook Page for the Pyramid of Positive Thoughts -or-

Write it on the Pyramid of Positive Thoughts Blog.

The most important thing is that you share your positive thoughts: be part of this communal cross-cultural work of art and be part of ushering in the next era with a collective positive spirit.

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