Sac-Be Contributing Writer's Agreement

Sac-Be is an online travel guide that highlights the Yucatán. Our goal is to educate travelers and residents alike about the area in a responsible, sustainable and environmentally sound way. We do that by sharing articles and news from a variety of places and people.

As a contributing writer, you will be given your own bio page which we will link to at the top of your articles. At the bottom of the biography, there will be a list of articles you have submitted. It can also have a link to your website. If you own a business, we also recommend you utilize our free links and listings.

We recognize that networking and sharing links benefit all of us.

In return, we ask that you also link to on your website. We also ask that periodically you submit an exclusive article for Sac-Be. After a period of 60–90 days, you will be encouraged to add that article to your blog or website. What this does is help both of our standings with search engines. As prolific as most of you are, we hope you find this beneficial and agreeable. With original articles appearing in more places on the Web, you not only introduce more people to your work, your level of expertise is extended. And it helps Sac-Be so that we have a balanced amount of original content as well as links to other content

Thank you for your support and contribution to! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us . In addition, if you run out of ideas for content please let us know—we are always getting inquiries about the area and have a lot of ideas for articles, just not enough time to write them.

One final note, articles need to be informational and not blatant self-promotion; however, if you would like to do some self-promotion, we welcome you to become an advertiser and then you are welcome to any and all bragging rights.

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