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Most of the written history of the Maya was burned in the Spanish Inquisition, however from the remaining texts, light is shed on the ancient culture’s infinite knowledge of astronomy as well as many of their sacred beliefs.

Michelle 7 Years of Life and Death at Xcaret

Michele Kinnon's favorite time of the year in Mexico

rio_lagartos3.jpg A Nostalgic Look at Pueblos in the Yucatán Peninsula

by Mari Pintkowski

blue_moon1_9-12.jpg Blue Moon at the Pyramid of Positive Thinking

Lisa Love Juliot writes about entering the Tulum jungle by the light of a blue moon.

v24_maya_calend_thumb.jpg Deciphering the Maya Calendar

The Maya were people of mystery because the invasion of the Spaniards led to the burning of most of their carefully written past

Jeanine Kitchel's Maya 2012 Revealed Maya 2012 Revealed, Demystifying the Prophecy

Jeanine Kitchel writes new book on 2012 debate

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ev_3_alma_yucatan_t.jpg Review of the book
The Yucatan: A Guide to the Land of Maya Mysteries

An informative and entertaining guide that details both the history and the best resorts, beaches, & diving spots of the Yucatan

ev_2_alma_talk_jag_t.jpg Secrets of the Talking Jaguar: A Mayan Shaman's Journey to the Heart of the Indigenous Soul

Delve inside the complex culture of Mayan village life, a culture that is fast disappearing.

v22_equinox-thumb.jpg Show of Shadows: Spring Equinox at Chichen Itza

The Spring Equinox is a time to flock to the great ruins of Chichen Itza to witness the effect of the setting sun.

Photo courtesy of Bill Bell What Did the Equinox and Solstice Signify to the Maya? ©

by Jeanine Kitchel, author

Akumal Villas

Cabanas Tulum