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The Great Meso-American Reef is the world’s longest coral reef. Full of tropical fish and colorful sealife, the calm Caribbean waters of the Riviera Maya are a perfect place to snorkel or scuba dive.

Whale Shark with snorkeler 2014 Whale Shark Season Update Advisory

Holbox and Cancun tour information

A Shark's Tale
March 2010

Dive with Natalie and Ivan

evol_5_turtle_t.jpg An Akumal Homecoming For The Giant Sea Turtle

As The Summer Approaches, The Turtles Return Home To Akumal To Nest

Butterfly fish Barb Eller Back in the Water

Barb Eller's first dive of the season

v20_chinchorro_thumb.jpg Banco Chinchorro

Just thirty kilometers from the sandy shores of southern Quintana Roo lay an aquatic oasis ripe with adventurous appeal.

whale shark Big Fish August 2009

Story and Dive Tip by Dive with Natalie and Ivan

by Barb Eller Bucito's Underwater Photo Class

Barb Eller, in Mahahual on the Costa Maya, shares her underwater photography class

Caribbean cushion starfish (Oreaster reticulatus)

f you snorkel anywhere in the Mexican Caribbean from Cozumel to Mahahual you have probably seen it.

natalie and ivan Cenotes – Natural Wonders
February 2011

by Natalie Novak

mahahual 9-09 Come to’s not that far!

September 2009

Barbara Eller Company Coming (April 2011)

By Barbara Eller

Cooling Off (July 2011)

by Barbara Eller

natalie and ivan Cozumel

by Natalie Novak

seahorse3-natalie.jpg Dancing with Seahorses

Natalie shares why they make her dance.

ian_smith-natalie_dive_instruction.jpg Dive Instruction

Know Before You Go advice from Natalie Novak

natalie and ivan Dive with Natalie and Ivan and a Friend from Canada, March 2009

Read about Natalie and Ivan's great dives and a dive tip

Barbara Eller Diving Faro Viejo, South of Mahahual

by Barbara Eller

Diving in Mahahual
November 2010

By Barbara Eller

Barbara Eller Diving in the Rain

By Barbara Eller

ev_3_xcalak_escape_t.jpg Escape to Xcalak

Take a relaxing “leave of absence from the world” in this tiny coastal fishing village

natalie and ivan Experience a New World

Natalie Novak

v21_hid_world_thumb.jpg Family Day at Hidden Worlds

My family’s adventure at Hidden Worlds Cenote Park.

yibran BARRACUDA.jpg Fish of the Riviera Maya

Friendly Barry
November 2010

by Natalie Novak

dolphin_1-13.jpg Getting There Can Be More than Half the Fun!

Dolphins make Natalie squeal like a monkey.

Go Fish! Charters & Adventure Tours

Fishing and snorkeling tours

Hidden Worlds August 2009

By Jen McDermitt of Chan Chemuyil

ev_4_sealife_t.jpg Interview with Sea Life II: The Battle for Space on a Coral Reef

Polly Polyp tells all about what it's like to live on a coral reef.

v25_sealife_thumb.jpg Interview with Sea Life: Stony Coral

Behind the tough-guy appearance of the Stony Coral lays a fragile living layer.

evol_5_sealife3_t.jpg Interview with Sealife III: Plankton, What Makes Seawater ALIVE

The Smallest, Yet Quite Possibly The Most Important, Members Of The Marine Community

evol_6_sealife_t.jpg Interview with Sealife IV: Exploring the Rocky Subtidal Community

Try something different for your next snorkel on a calm day.

Ivan's First Dive (May 2011)

by Natalie Novak

v24_scuba_thumb.jpg Learning How to Scuba Dive

In that short half-day of class, a lifetime worth of dreams can come true.

Flyfishing Barb Eller Let's Go Fishing

Flyfishing in Mahahual, by Barb Eller

john_s_dive-barb.jpg Lionfish Hunt

Share an exciting dive with Barb Eller in Mahahual

lionfish_hunt6-barb.jpg Lionfish Hunt Festival

Join the Mahahual lionfish hunt with Barb Eller

lionfish1-nat.jpg Lionfish Hunting

Seek & destroy mission with Natalie Novak

Lionfish Lionfish Hunting in Akumal, Ongoing Stats and Information

A dedicated group of divers has made it their mission to control the number of lionfish in the area.

lionfish2-nat.jpg Lionfish Huntress Documentary – Become a Sponsor

Be a part of this great project and be a part of the team

Lionfish Proposal

November 2010

Little Surprise! July 2009

By Natalie of Dive with Natalie and Ivan

Sea Horse Dive with Natalie and Ivan Magical Seahorse

Natalie Novak, dive instructor, shares a story about diving in the Riviera Maya

More Than Swimming with the Whale Sharks August 2009

By Mari Pintkowski

natalie and ivan My Best Dive Ever 12/08

by Natalie Novak, Dive with Natalie and Ivan

whaleshark2.jpg My Whale Shark Adventure

Ken Andrews is thrilled on his trip with Cancun Whale Shark Tours.

natalie_novak2012.jpg Mystery of the Deep

Natalie Novak is back from traveling and sharing new dive stories from Akumal Bay.

Night Dive
December 2010

Barbara Eller

Manta Not Every Ray is a Manta Ray

Dive with Natalie and Ivan - Dec 2009

natalie and ivan November Dive with Natalie and Jen 2008

paddleboarding_mangroves3_6.jpg Paddleboard Season 2015

with Extreme Control Adventures

Parque Selva Maya Parque Selva Maya

Eco-Park in Tulum with zip-lining, cenotes and more

Barbara Eller Reef Preservation in Mahahual

by Barbara Eller

Captain Quickie's Catamaran off Tulum Sailing on The Raiatea

From Puerto Aventuras to Tulum

Seeing the Sea Is Why I Love Diving

I love it when I jump off the boat and am immersed in a world that is bluer then the bluest sky.

v26_seven_reasons_pm_thumb.jpg Seven Great Reasons to Visit Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a great place to spend a few hours. This little fishing village is filled with surprises.

Slow and Steady
October 2010

Dive with Natalie and Ivan

v23_pm_snork_thumb.jpg Snorkeling Capital of the Riviera Maya: Puerto Morelos

Snorkeling is a favorite pastime of the Caribbean vacationer.

evol_6_snork_akumal_t.jpg Snorkeling in Akumal: Enjoying the View from Above

Appreciating the simplicity of snorkeling in a world of divers

Snorkeling or Diving
July 2010

Dive with Natalie and Ivan

Something New from Dive with Natalie and Ivan

Tips on photographing your dives

sponge-natalie.jpg Sponges

The real ones ... underwater, by Natalie Novak

Squid (Not Just Calamari)

by Natalie Novak

Heather Froeming Paddleboarding Sian Kaan, Yoga Stand Up Paddleboarding in Tulum!

Fun and eco-friendly way to be out on the water

ev_5_med_to_go_t.jpg Stings, Bites and Poisoning from Dangerous Marine Animals

What To Avoid And What To Do If You Find Yourself In A Marine Sting Situation

remora-nat1.jpg Suckers

Learn about remoras from Natalie Novak.

barb-kidscollege2.jpg Summer School (September 2011)

How the oceans, the fish, and coral reefs affect our life on land. - by Barb Eller

v22_almalibre_thumb.jpg The Meso American Reef

Beginning at the top of the Yucatan Peninsula it stretches through the Caribbean waters of the Mayan Riviera to Belize.

ev_1_alma_mes_reef_t.jpg The Meso American Reef

A look at the second largest reef in the world, right off the shore of the Riviera Maya.

evol_7_whaleshark_t.jpg The Whale Sharks have returned!

Every summer, see these docile giants off the island of Holbox

Dive With Natalie and Ivan They're Not Hugrays (September 2011)

Akumal doesn't feed animals on their dives - by Natalie Novak

v19_tour_tidbits_thumb.jpg Tourist Tidbit: Afraid of Water! Can You Still Snorkel?

Afraid of Water! Can You Still Snorkel?

Turtle Love

by Natalie Novak, Dive with Natalie and Ivan

turtle_love-nat_2.jpg Turtle Love

Natalie Novak describes a close encounter of the turtle kind.

Under the Sea Museum/Gallery
(April 2011)

By Myrna Sparks

Underseascape Manatees

Steve Dramstad AKA XcalakSteve December 2009

Underseascapes - Tropical Fish

Steven Dramsted January 2010

UnderSeaScapes – Cleaning Station

March 2010 Steve Dramstad aka Xcalak Steve

UnderSeaScapes – Octopus

February 2010

whale shark Whale Shark Daddy photo Whale Shark Season Opens May 15

The Whale Shark Daddy

Whale shark map Whale Shark Update and Changes for 2015

Whale Shark Daddy explains what is new for this year

whaleshark1.jpg Whale Sharks Are Returning to Cancún

Ocean's largest fish will arrive mid-May

Whale Shark with snorkeler Whale Sharks Have Returned

The annual summer migration has begun

What Can I Do? (June 2011)

By Barbara Eller

Xel-Ha Awarded
Best Sea Trek Operations

February 2010

Natalie with Turtle You Can't Breathe Water

3 questions to ask yourself to know if you're not safe while diving

Young at Heart Underwater

January 2010

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