Soliman Bay & Tankah Accommocations

These two gorgeous bays are a short drive from both Akumal and Tulum.  Soliman Bay, was the location of the first famous Corona Ad.  We all remember that tranquil bay that made us to all yearn to take off our shoes, grab a beer and find paradise.  Slightly south of Solman Bay is Tankah and equally relaxing private place to stay. 

You will find mostly private villas here, or small bed and breakfast time dive places.  A few restaurants and a lovely cenote close to the bay.

Listings in this section are free of charge. Owners please use our owner form to tell us about your vacation rental.

tankah_inn view Soliman Bay & Tankah Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and resorts in and around Soliman Ban and Tankah.

perro_feliz rooftop view Tankah Soliman Bay & Tankah Villas

Vacation villas for rent in Soliman Bay and Tankah, Mexico.

Casa del Perro Feliz