Tantric Hatha Yoga: The 9 Flavors of Life

In this retreat, from Feb. 28–March 3, we will look at all the elements involved in a Hatha Yoga practice deeply interwoven with its roots in Tantra and its relationship with the Rasas.

These practices will include pranayama, mantras, mudras, bandas and asana. In the asana section we’ll place particular attention to the Bio Mechanics of Asana. The Bio Mechanics of Asana, include physiology anatomy, and specific instruction on finding clear access points to a variety of asana. Todd and Michael have spent years studying, practicing and sharing their knowledge on the intricate nature of the physical body. These elements will be placed delicately into a series of practices, that will be invigorating, balanced, grounded and deeply connected to our essential divine nature.

To further deepen our understanding we’ll look at the nine Rasas, “tastes” or "essences of emotion,” and how they are ever present in our experience of life. Once we can identify the rasa and its origin, then perhaps we can develop a practice in achieving more emotional control in our daily interactions with ourselves and those around us. Whatever your experience of yoga is; this workshop will allow each of us to deepen our relationship with our practice through a wider scope of perspective, using all the elements of Tantric Hatha Yoga.

4795 pesos / $385 US

• 4 days of class instruction with two dynamic teachers
• Temazcal sacred ritual and ceremony
• 2 Dinners and 3 Lunches