Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos and Biblioteca Frida Kahlo

Biblioteca Frida Kahlo Has Its Official Grand Opening in May 2008

The inauguration of the Biblioteca Frida Kahlo was very nice. The library was presented to the people of continuing education and Fomento a la Lectura, with great enthusiasm of everybody: teachers, students, educational institutions and parents. Laura Bush was there, and Paul Sánchez-Navarro and Carlos Gomez from C.E.A. Mary Martinez on behalf of Diane Mahan was with us, as well.

Parque Xel-Ha provided natural fruit drinks, fruit and cochinita tacos.

We all know it is a very noble project and with everybody's help we will keep receiving donations to pay for the furniture and the many other things we want to do, and to raise the quality of education and life in general in our community. Our goal is to prevent juvenile delinquency by increasing self-esteem in our young people.

The Biblioteca Frida Kahlo is now open in the afternoon from 5 to 9 PM, making it a great service for the entire community as well as the high school students.

February 2008

In 2004, the English and Solid Waste Management Programs were introduced to the Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos.

We considered projects that helped with the student's identity to be of great importance, so we sponsored a workshop on Mayan Calendar and Numerology.

This workshop was a great success and fullfilled the objectives of having the teenagers feel comortable with their roots and traditions and proud of their origins, thus improving their self-esteem, which is so important at this age.

The kids also found it interesting and fun to know the vigesimal (base 20 numeral) system of the Maya, presented to them by Don. David Yah Balam from La Casa de la Cultura de Chetumal, and the introduction to The Mayan Calendar by Prof. Carlos Meade from Yaxché, Árbol de la Vida, A.C.

Undoubtely English was a must, as a tool for better jobs, especially for the kids who cannot continue to study after junior high. A 15-week English workshop with Harmon Hall English School was sponsored to address these needs. We had the enthusiastic support of Las Casitas Akumal, La Lunita and Vista del Mar of $2,500 pesos each for this project.

In February 2005, Akumal Villas made a donation of $5,000 pesos designated to fix the toilets and to buy a sound system the school was badly needing.

We are also very interested in supporting the environmental education of our teenagers, to assure that their generation recognizes and appreciates natural resources. We sponsored several workshops that addressed these issues. Now the students of the TSJV are very active trying to raise the consciousness in their community about natural resources, their conservancy and care.

In April 2005, GAIA, Una Nueva Visión, SC, gave $5,000 pesos for the environmental program and this was used for notebooks, photocopies, utensils and materials for this subject.

In 2006, among the activities to make learning English interesting and attractive, the students received letters from a group of Americans that would be coming to visit them in October, brought by Riviera Maya Vacations. Our kids and visitors were shown the installations of the great gathering center in Xcaret, as well as the great composting piles where they process the organic waste from the park restaurants.

Due to this interchange between our kids and their visitors, we had an income for the program of $7,700 pesos. The group had given the money for Xcaret's entrance fees but the program obtained courtesy passes for them, so they agreed to donate the money to the school program. There was also another donation of $200 US from Mrs. Janet Welch.

The principal of the school, Prof. Paul Quiñones, suggested purchasing the Inglés sin Barreras system because the teachers are not skilled in teaching English. We bought it with the support of an Akumal Villas donation of $13,000 pesos.

Some months ago, with Professors Paul Quiñones and Alfonso Conrado of the Department from Telesecundarias Supervision, we agreed on turning the structure of the old bathrooms, which has a very convenient size, into a library.

During the past summer the structure for the library was finished with a cost of $42,000 pesos gathered through two donations: Via Delphi and Yaxché, Árbol de la Vida, A.C. The little building has a nice size for our purposes; there will be space for research, investigation, creation, reading and writing workshops, and more, for the kids in the high school.

We are now in the process of furnishing it. Please find the document Presupuesto with the furniture in detail and the cost. The total amount for the furniture is $62,445.27 pesos.

The librarian's salary, $5,000 pesos a month, working from Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 2 PM is already covered for 2008 by Yaxché, Árbol de la Vida, A.C.

Las Casitas Akumal will provide regular cleaning and maintenance supplies.

It is with great joy, pride and enthusiasm that we are inviting you to participate in this transcendental project that will provide great benefits for the teenagers, students, and their entire community.

Forms of donation:

One-time: $4,000 US or more

Annual amount: $1,000 US or more

Monthly amount: $100 US or more

Donations will be used the following way:

One-time: Construction and expansion of space, making improvements or buying equipment. Actual needs are: $15,000 US for furniture and improving the area outside.

Annual amount: Acquiring special material and books, and medium and major repairs are estimated in $7,000 US during the year, besides of Lidieth Nahuat´s salary, which is taken care of for 2008.

Monthly amount: Maintenance upkeep, office supplies, as well as general expenses, such as salaries. We estimate about $700 US will be needed monthly.

Thank you very much for your participation in this important and very necessary project that is so valuable to the well-being of our community, and an important way to invest in security, as well as the quality of life for us and all those around us.

The successful programs of Bibliotecas Públicas and Conaculta help us reach our goal of preventing teenage violence and delinquent actions.

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