Tourist Tidbit: Afraid of Water! Can You Still Snorkel?

snorkeling tour on the Mesoamerican reef
By Mary Elizabeth Becker

As I told you before, I’m not a swimmer; in fact I only get my feet wet in the pool in my backyard. So, walking and splashing about in the blue warm water of Akumal Bay was a great achievement, but on my second visit to Akumal it didn’t seem to be enough.

I sat on the lounge chair under ‘our palm tree’ (we had a special tree picked out that we claimed belonged to us-that is if we got to the beach before anyone else) and listened to my family as they returned from snorkeling.

“Did you see the turtle just beyond the catamaran,” my son asked his wife?

“It swam right in front me and I tried to follow it but it was too fast,” she replied.

“I didn’t see a turtle but I saw an eel peeking out from under some rocks over near the coral on the left and there were so many beautiful fish” my husband added to the conversation. Then looking at me with a bit of pity he added, “Too bad you can’t come out snorkeling with us.”

I only smiled in response but nothing spurs me on more than a challenge even if it is veiled in the guise of sympathy. By the time we left for home I had put on a snorkel and practiced putting my face in the water.

When we got home, I bought a snorkel, some fins, a kick board and a life jacket. Next, I made my first ever voyage into the deep end of our pool. It took me awhile to fight off my panic but I did learn to relax in the water.

On our most recent trip to Akumal, outfitted in my newly purchased equipment and with my husband by my side, I was able to see the turtles, the coral, and the colorful fish that dwell below the surface of the water. No longer do I need to sit on the sidelines, I can enjoy the magnificent underwater world of Akumal Bay with everyone else.

So if you are afraid of water, believe me when I say, “If I can snorkel, anyone can!”

By Mary Elizabeth Becker You can buy her book ‘Home at Last’ at PublishAmerica.com, Barnesandnoble.com, or Amazon.com