The essence of Tulum is one of magical mystery intertwined with an urbanizing collection of Maya, Mexican, as well as foreigners from across the globe. Originally an ancient Maya city with a picturesque skyline of tiered stone fortresses overlooking the turquoise expanse of the Caribbean, the ruins of this fabled Maya city delight visitors daily. The modern-day version of this town, Tulum Centro, is a charming hodge-podge of restaurants, boutiques, hotels, internet cafes, hostels, as well as unlikely candidates such as hardware stores and auto body shops. Although recently the recipient of a face-lift along the “main drag,” none of the quintessential “Tulum feel” is missing.

The beaches of Tulum are known worldwide for their immense width and depth of powdery white sand. Soft sloping entrances into the ocean create the ideal spot for children to safely play, for lovers to frolic and flirt, or for sun worshippers to lazily float. With quaint hotels, beachside restaurants, and retro beach clubs, the upscale bohemian appeal of Tulum’s coast can be enjoyed during the day as well as into the night. Visit Tulum and experience its magic!

Mari Pintkowski 2012/13: BEACH CLUBS OF TULUM (updated version)

by Mari Pintkowski - One of our most popular features has been updated.

Ziggy's Beach Club Tulum 2015: Beach Clubs of Tulum

Updated by Mari Pintkowski

Tulum Beach Matt Pontius 2016: Beach Clubs of Tulum

Updated annually by Mari Pintkowski

A Different World

By Howie Xamach Dos February 2010

Moe Feb 09 Beach Clubs of Tulum, February 2009

By Mari Pintkowski

Beach Clubs of Tulúm 2011

Mari Pintkowski

evol_5_moe_t.jpg Biking Westward From Tulum

Amazing Adventures Await Any Ready To Peddle Their Way West Of Tulum

blue_moon1_9-12.jpg Blue Moon at the Pyramid of Positive Thinking

Lisa Love Juliot writes about entering the Tulum jungle by the light of a blue moon.

el_bistro_vid.jpg Cabañas Tulum and Ziggy's Restaurant Review (May 2011)

Resort and Restaurant on Tulum Beach

Calakmul to Tulúm – The Adventure Continues (May 2011)

by Lydia Linton Pontius

riviera maya map Choosing Where to Visit

Riviera Maya: Puerto Morelos—Tulum

Sian Kaan Sunset Christmas Eve 2012 Christmas in the Riviera Maya

Tulum and Akumal, Mexico at Christmas time 2012

Mari Pintkowski Family Entertainment, au natural - April 2009

San Agustin, By Mari Pintkowski

Mari Pintkowski Giggling Between Topes

BY: Mari Pintkowski, May 2009

kevin_graham_9-12.jpg Good News from Costa Maya Living

Kevin Graham, owner, talks about the expansion of his real estate company.

Tulum Beach and Ruins Good Places to Eat In Tulum Updated April 2009

From the good people on the tulum.info board

Tulum Heading South to Tulum – Part 2, 2014

Tulum Beach, the jungle, Cobá and Valladolid

the_beach4_8-13.jpg Honeymoon Riviera - The Beach, Tulum

Why we chose the Riviera Maya for our honeymoon

Just Another Day
March 2010

by Howie Xamach

mari La Casa de las Mariposas Butterfly Garden on Road from Tulúm to Cobá

by Mari Pintkowski, February 2010

La Selva Mariposa Bedroom La Selva Mariposa B&B - a Must-see!

Review 2014

living_dream1.jpg Living the Dream, Part 1

A day in the life of Tulum B&B operators Lou and Mari Pintkowski

living_dream2-6.jpg Living the Dream, Part 2

A day in the life of Tulum B&B operators Lou and Mari Pintkowski

lucy Los Arboles Tulum Lot

Private owners selling

moe sept 08 Mañana in Mexico,

By Mari Pintkowski, September 2008

Musings on the Boca Paila

By Howie Xamach, January 2010

save_children_6-15.jpg News from Save the Children, Tulum

by Aline Libassi

OM tulum OM Hotel and Restaurant Review (May 2011)

Eco-friendly hotel and restaurant Tulum Beach

v28_sian-kaan-thumb.jpg Private Beaches in the Bioshpere of Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka’an - “where the sky is born” in Mayan - is a national reserve in the heart of Quintana Roo’s golden coastline.

moe may 08 Reflections on Living in a Mayan Pueblo

By: Mari Pintkowski, May 2008

moe jan 09 Reinventing Our Lives - Mari Pintkowski Series January '09

By: Mari Pintkowski (this is adapted from Mari’s book Embarking on the Mariposa Trail)

Restaurant Las Estrellas Restaurant Las Estrellas Menu

at Cabanas La Luna in Tulum

Review: La Selva Mariposa

moe muyil 2008 Ruins of Muyil

by: Mari Pintkowski aka Moe Mulrooney

Spa Móvil Tulum

By Liliana Cruz

Paddleboarding in the Mangroves Stand Up Paddleboarding

Popularity continues to spread in Tulum

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Now in Tulum

Heather Fromme Sunset Paddleboarding Sunset Paddleboarding

Heather Froeming

The Beach Tululm The Beach Tulum Hotel

The Beach is a lovely boutique, adult hotel on Tulum Beach

evol_6_moe_t.jpg The Best of Both Worlds: The Beach And The Jungle

This is our third spring living in the Yucatan Peninsula and we are ready to greet each new day from our jungle lair.

ev_2_mezz_shop_2.jpg The M boutique

breath of fresh air among Tulum’s trendy shops.

rainy11.jpg The Rainy Season: Friend or Foe?

Mold, mildew, foul smell, dampness, plant debris, bat and bird guano, and insects, dead and alive - by Mari Pintkowski

ev_3_tulum_ruins_t.jpg The Ruins of Tulum

Explore the Ancient Remains of this Great Walled Maya City

Tulum Beach Matt Pontius Traveling the Sac-be 2011 – Part One

Lydia Linton Pontius writes about the 2011 family trip from Xcalak to Playa del Carmen.

Treasure Hunting Along the Cobá Road

By Mari Pintkowski

tulum_7-13.jpg Tulum Growth Concerns?

Join this group meeting once a week to discuss and plan the future of Tulum.

Tulum Night Show

Started May 1, 2008

v22-tulum_tell_thumb.jpg TULUM…TELL ME!

I was overwhelmed with the desire to go, to feel, to breathe the ruins at Tulum.

Xaman Ek Montessori Education Center October 2010

by Eleanora Bermudez Ferrer, school founder and director

Xaman Ek Montessori in Tulúm

January 2010

Ziggy's Tequila Tasting Ziggy's Tulum Events!

Check out the fun events

La Selva Mariposa

Cabanas Tulum