Two Towns Miles Apart with So Many Similarities

Coincidence or not: there is gorgeous gem of a small town on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and there is another small town nestled on Lake Champlain (in upstate NY) and both seem to share so much in common. It isn't the climate – that's for sure. And it isn't the water temperature, no indeed. But they both have charm, history, and incredible people. But what amazes us most is that so many people have both places in common.

It would be a large enough group of people if you just considered the McCormick/Jones clan who have been visiting Akumal for years and own Skeenwood in Westport, New York. But then there are the McCrackens – how did we know that they enjoyed both places. Why it came up in a conversation at the Hotel Akumal Caribe. Steve McCracken mentioned their second home in an small town in upstate NY. Mike asked “where?” Steve said you have never heard of it, it is really small, on Lake Champlain. Mike repeated his question and then the laughter began. From that point on it isn't unusual for us to be sitting at our lake house and see a motor boat pull up and there are Steve and Laura. Mike and I have been enjoying both spots for a very long time. We have been going to Akumal since 1999 and Mike's family have been going to Westport for over 50 years.

It was because of these connections that we decided it might be a good idea to tell folks in Sac-be about our summer cottage on Lake Champlain, in the Adirondacks in NY. We thought that some of Akumal's locals just might be interested in considering it for a place to get away from the summer heat. And the fact that you just might see some of your Akumal friends there would be an added treat.

If you have never been to the Adirondacks you are in for an amazing treat. It is protected park full of trees, lakes, ponds and mountains to climb. Lake Champlain, for a very short while was one of the Great Lakes. Montreal is an easy day trip and in less than 2 hours you are literally in another world. Oh, you don't want to miss a night at the Depot Theatre, Shami McCormick is the director. It is a wonderful Summer Stock Theater in the old Railroad Depot. The Amtrak from NYC still stops on its way to Montreal. And if a train pulls through during a performance everything just stops for a moment – another similarity and example of life in quainter places.

To learn more about the area and our cottage, please visit our website. It might also be good to know this is a great location for a wedding or a large family reunion because the large sister Victorian, next door to us, and the small camp on the other side are both also available as rentals.

It truly is a small world!

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