Bucito's Underwater Photo Class

by Barb Eller  (January 2012)
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I do enjoy taking photos when I go diving but they don't always turn out exactly as I remember them. So when Bucito offered a class in underwater photography, I signed up hoping to improve my photos. It was a one- or two-day class and, as you will hear later on, am I ever glad I decided to go both days. Bucito is a very talented photographer who is always trying new techniques. I remember when we first met four years ago, he was getting some awesome photos just using a point 'n' shoot camera. Now he has a much larger Ikelite camera with double strobes and other good attachments.

It was a simple class plan: we would get basic instruction with a few suggestions for camera settings, do two dives with lunch in between, then get together in the evening over dinner and view everyone's photos. There were six of us the first day and we did our first dive at Puenta Tam. It is one of Bucito's favorite sites because of the large, purple sea fans and barrel sponges that a person could slip inside. My aim was to improve my macro photos, so I began looking for little things hiding in the coral. I found some arrow crab inside a vase sponge and there were pieces of crab claws next to him. As I made my way along the reef I found three lobsters waving their antenna at me; I think it was more of a warning to back off than a greeting. Next I worked on doing close-ups of star and brain coral.
At the end of an hour we ended the dive and headed into shore for lunch. Two large plates of ceviche with shrimp were served—my favorite!
Next dive was at Dos Ojos and we spent another hour wandering up and down the reef taking photos. At one point I looked down at the sand and noticed something sticking out from the coral. It was dark green in c