Update December 2012 from Mahahual

So many people to thank ...

We live in a community of "givers" and we can't possible put into words our heartfelt thanks to all of the caring and giving people who contribute to the welfare of Mahahual ... all I can say is THANK YOU so very much for your kind donations, your time, your efforts and your contributions to the work that makes Mahahual unique in its close and loving people ...

School bags Cary is nearly finished in the distribution of the school bags that her family brought down for the total student population in Mahahual. Ethan took this project on as an Eagle Scout initiative and he did such excellent work ... thank you, Ethan. People like you make the world a better place.
Uniforms ahhhh, finally got them all delivered ... the shoes were a big undertaking as they need to be fitted. However, we are finished for another year.

Silent Auction:
Where do we start ... we need to applaud Natalie and Shannon for a "job well done" ... your persistence and hard work literally paid off!!!! (a little pun)!!!! The Silent Auction was a resounding success due to the new and innovative approach that was taken. Love these young, energetic and hard-working girls!!!!
We did a review of the event and came up with some better plans for next year ... wait and see!!!!!!!! To date we have raised approximately 60,000 pesos and we have grand plans for Mahahual; keep reading!

Sewing Ladies:
I would like to know the names of these ladies as we have a great idea in store for them. Fernando has generously offered to display their work on the Malecon and also provide a venue for them to work ... this way, people could see that the crafts are made locally, which generates a great deal of interest. I will be trying to contact these ladies ...

Children's Christmas Party:
Laurie sent out a notice giving you details of what has taken place to date. She is looking for VOLUNTEERS ... so if you would like to put your name on the list, please email her at bailerbeachbums@gmail.com. She will then assign you a position. But hurry, there is only just over a week to go ... and she needs you!!!!!!! She is also looking for tables and chairs for the masses ... they are badly needed ... do you know of a business or two that may have some to loan?????? Debbie Dos has offered the few they have at the church ... and we are happy to accept them. The ongoing dilemma of monitoring the gifts continues. Cary has offered to have Robert bring down wrist bands to be put on the children when they line up to visit Santa; they would then need to be cut off at the gift tables ... this would discourage the excuse of the loss of a ticket. Cary has offered 2 large coolers to contain the refreshments ... that eliminates the need of touting ice chests ... !!!! Cary and Robert will be looking after the movie presentation and she has decided that 2 short movies would work better, as the children will be coming and going. Also if chairs are not available, perhaps blankets could be used. Chip bags and candy canes/glow sticks will be assembled and Laurie will send you a notice as to when that will take place if you would like to help. Thanks to Carol Tumber for her donation of the candy canes. Thanks to Cary for the donation of glow sticks.

If you haven't taken in a game by these little people, you need to reserve a Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. ... so cute! Cary's boys have offered to step up and help Nancy and Debbie W. if they are unable to be there. The boys are anxious to be part of the action in the community ... thanks guys!!!!

Soup Kitchen:
It's a great effort by Debbie Dos and her volunteers ... and sooooo much appreciated by our local community. Drop by ... take a look, lend a hand, or make a contribution ... Debbie says she can accept donations via PayPal ... so you may want to contact her at debbblackbu@aol.com ... spreading the love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phone List:
Finally, I have a revised phone list. I have changed the format to align with a regular telephone directory for easier searching. The list consists of "individuals and businesses," then "out of town" listings and finally a "Yellow Pages listing" of where to find what you need!!!!! It is considerably longer (10 pages), but hopefully it will be more inclusive and easier to use. I am attaching it to this email so that you can move it to a folder or print it off. You are welcome to share it with friends who may want this information. FYI, you will get an annual update.

Important items that came up for discussion:
  • Summer is a very difficult time for the residents of Mahahual and we brainstormed as to how we can best support the need in our town. Debbie Dos suggested more "soup" days, but this creates a great deal more work and fewer volunteers are here at that time of year. I suggested that we start a food bank consisting of dispensas (food baskets) ... to be monitored and distributed to needy families. These would be stored in an appropriate main location and monitored closely. More discussion to follow!!!!
  • Blanket Drive as discussed and we all felt it would be well received as the winter months have much cooler evenings and the families in Km. 55 do not have sufficient housing to keep them warm. This was unanimously agreed upon and we will pursue this idea. Ideally they could be handed out at the Christmas Party, but it is a little late for this year. So an alternate plan will be considered.
Kind regards and Christmas blessings!!!!!
Marilyn Marshall
983 117 5847

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