Villa Art in Akumal February 2009

By Jim Farrell
Owner of Nah Hah and Azul Riviera

“It is indeed an ill wind that blows no one any good!” my grandmother used to say. There is little doubt that Hurricane Wilma was an ill wind, but even this storm provided an opportunity for property owners to enhance their villas’ aesthetics while performing repairs. Kathy Sonheim, the owner of Nah Hah in Akumal decided to improve the property art displayed while renovating after the storm.  (In the interest of full disclosure, the reader is advised that Kathy is my wife.)
Kathy decided to add three new light sconces, of unique design, to the décor of Nah Hah. Since our summer home is Austin, Texas, she enlisted Robin Polter a designer at Lightcrafters  to design the appropriately themed sconces.  Robbin Polter is a highly regarded artist in several mediums and has exhibits in Caribbean Galleries.

The goal of these new sconces was to convey the ecology of the immediate vicinity to the villa guests in an enjoyable artistic manner.   

Light #1, depicts the overall flavor of Akumal and this house on the sea.  The blue depicts the water, while waves appear in the copper edging. Turtles are clearly illuminated on the voids in the body of the sconce, commemorating the “Place of the Turtle” – Akumal

Light #2 is a horizontal light sconce that captures the color of the sunset shining through fan coral, which is a very common species on our reef.


Light #3 is a sconce totally dedicated to the turtles that frequent our beaches and reef.

All three of these sconces are unique, and will not be duplicated.

Robin was highlighted, her work used as a cover and an interview was in an Austin Publication.

If you have an artist you would like to highlight at your property contact us, Jim would love to do a feature story on your special art and artist.

Nah Hah