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Casa Romero Villa and Complex


Casa Romero is part of the "Romero Complex," which contains Casa Romero, Casa French Angel, and Casa Blue Tang. Built by a close associate of Pablo Bush Romero, the founder of Akumal, the Romero Complex occupies the best location in Akumal, with direct access to Yal-Ku Lagoon, and great views of both the lagoon and the ocean.

Casa Romero is a 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath villa with luxurious living and dining space, as well as an amazing 3rd-floor balcony and infinity pool. On either side of Casa Romero are duplex townhouses: Casa French Angel and Blue Tang. Each has 2 bedrooms and each townhouse has a pool on the roof. In addition, these same owners own Casa Delfin, the villa next door, which is just past the public entrance to Yal-Ku. If you plan well enough in advance, you can put your entire large group in these properties.

NEW FEATURES: There is now a hot tub next to the pool and a built-in gas BBQ.

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View some of the videos we have taken from this wonderful property. Here is a brief look at some of the exquisite artwork at Casa Romero. And here is a glimpse of the view.