Volume 23

v23_chaak_tun_thumb.jpg Chaak Tun

The ancient Maya revered this sacred spot and gave it a powerful name - Chaak Tun.

v23_alma_libre_thumb.jpg Know Your Cenotes

The Yucatan is known for its glorious beaches but under the ground there’s a completely different world to explore.

v23_pm_snork_thumb.jpg Snorkeling Capital of the Riviera Maya: Puerto Morelos

Snorkeling is a favorite pastime of the Caribbean vacationer.

v23_talk_health_feb_thumb_a.jpg Three Herbs to Include in My Alternative Medicine Kit

What to include in my alternative medicine kit? Don´t forget these three famous herbs!

v23_tides_thumb.jpg Tides in a Nutshell

The periodic, predictable rise and fall of the ocean, dubbed tides, has been a point of interest all through man’s history.

v23_cea_thumb.jpg Worldly Days: Recognizing Ecology and Preservation

Throughout the year, the international community celebrates numerous “world” days.

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