Volume 28

cover of Sac-Be volume 28

v28-ak_webcam_thumb.jpg Akumal Bay Webcam

A live webcam in the heart of Akumal Bay.

v20_chinchorro_thumb.jpg Banco Chinchorro

Just thirty kilometers from the sandy shores of southern Quintana Roo lay an aquatic oasis ripe with adventurous appeal.

v28_chacmool_thumb.jpg Chacmool: The Toltec & Maya History of this Sculpture

One of the most popular and reoccurring motifs in Meso-American art is the Chacmool.

v28_chiles_thumb.jpg Chiles of the Yucatan

Check out a few of our most popular chiles.

28_fideicomiso_thumb_a.jpg Fideicomiso

Can a foreigner own land here in Mexico?

v28_cea_thumb.jpg Nor Any Drop to Drink

While attitudes toward water, its proper use and abuse, vary around the world, no society can survive without it.

v28_sian-kaan-thumb.jpg Private Beaches in the Bioshpere of Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka’an - “where the sky is born” in Mayan - is a national reserve in the heart of Quintana Roo’s golden coastline.

v28_alma_secret_local_thumb.jpg Secrets to Being a Local

Secrets we’ve discovered since moving to Puerto Morelos that have made our lives easier and certainly more enjoyable.

soak-up-soliman.jpg Soak Up Soliman Bay

A slice of sandy solitude served up fresh with incredible snorkeling and true peace and quiet.

v28_yoga_thumb.jpg Yogic Breath: The Life of Breath

In the yogic tradition, the breath is the bridge between the body and the mind.

Kiteboarding with Extreme Control

Kiteboarding with Extreme Control

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Villas Flamingo in Akumal

For Sale in Akumal

Villas Flamingo a beach front compound made up of 4 luxury villas on 131 feet of Half Moon Bay sand in Akumal. There are a 1 bedroom, two 2 bedrooms and a 3 bedroom villa overlooking a beach side swimming pool. Each villa offers plenty of outdoor terraces and balconies. See and read more.