Weather Phenomena

Any coastal area has the added effects of the ocean and its passing storms on the weather, and the Riviera Maya is no different. Learn about hurricanes, waterspouts, and more, as well as how to be prepared in any event.

evol_7_hurricane_form_t.jpg How do Hurricanes form?

The ocean and atmospheric conditions required for hurricane formation.

ev_1_chicxulub_t.jpg Meteor Impact: the Day the Dinosaurs Died

The Meteor Impact responsible for the extinction of the Dinosaurs.

ev_8_dean_t.jpg Tales of Hurricane Dean

With a quiet 2007 hurricane season so far, the news of Deanís arrival was not a shock for us living on the Riviera Maya.

v25_cea_wilma_thumb.jpg The Effects of Hurricane Emily

Hurricanes, such as Emily, show us both the fragility and resilience of the natural systems.

The storm by Eva Estes The Storm (September 2011)

The intense energy of a tropical storm - by Eva Estes

evol_7_hurricane_season_t.jpg Traveling during Hurricane Season?

What precautions to take to make your trip safe and fun!

v25_waterspouts_thumb.jpg Waterspouts: Coastal Twisters

The maritime version of the land-based tornado is called a waterspout.

ev_3_charles_winds_t.jpg Winds From the Ice Ages

The creation of Isla Mujeres and the cliffs at Tulum

Cabanas Tulum

Casa Carolina Xcalak