Who Is My Witness?

by Marti Johnston (Nov./Dec. 2012)

Who is my Witness? God(dess) is my Witness. The Higher Self, True Self, Isvara seated in my heart. Witnessing this experience in the human body, as a lab experiment, I am so curious. With an artist's eye for texture, line, rhythm, feeling the body, unraveling her mysteries: the mysteries of this particular form, the mysteries of the universe. My whole story told in this body: Dancing Bhaktini Mermaid!

My witness is the Curious One. Like a scientist poking around the question,"What happens when I try this?" Being interested in what might be revealed, what might occur in the physical or emotional experience or spiritual realms. How is prana moving, life force waking up? Not just the breath in and out, prana and apana, but vyana prana circulating in the nadis of the sheaths, the cells of this form that make muscles, and tissue, bones and fascia remember. Concentrating on sensation the mysteries begin to unfold. Discriminative wisdom is helping me to see, to differentiate my thoughts from the rest of the bliss.

These storehouses of information, our bodies, hold all imprints of this life, the bumps and bruises, misinformation, patterns of our parents, blood patterns of ancestors: latent impressions, samskaras. Our bodies in their layers and sheaths hold the emotions, the heart, the mind, our soul. Refining our vision to the vast inner horizon of our being, of our pranic force, it is possible to consciously move into the cellular level to re-program our DNA. That is science.

Awakening is the process of uncovering and shining the light of compassion and non-judgment into these imprints and layers, to heal, becoming Whole, Holy, One—of making the unconscious Conscious.

Like an artist, showing up with materials in hand, my Witness observes the unfolding of a creation in this moment, and this moment and this moment……………

On the path to liberation, to kaivalaya, to moksha it's critical to learn to See, to become a Seer Witness of our own experience. And as we begin to know our own experience and begin to experience the divine as the SEER, it starts getting juicy. This is where the mysteries unveil, where the mystic crosses the threshold. And as we begin to see our own self more clearly, perhaps our vision clears and we see each other with more kindness, compassion and wonder, the lenses of our perceptions cleansed.

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Marti Johnston - Photo by Scott Brown
Akumal Villas

Cabanas Tulum