Xenotes Oasis Maya: a new cenote park adventure

by Lisa Love Juliot (July 2013)

The Xcaret group does it again!! If you have been to Xcaret Park, you know just what a fantabulous job they do maintaining a beautiful natural jungle setting while showcasing the various cultures of Mexico. Their night show is enough to bring tears of joy and national pride to your eyes and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up from pure excitement and emotion.

Xenotes park, Riviera Maya, Mexico

They have applied their mastery of brilliant design and superior showmanship to their newest addition to the Xcaret Park family, Xenotes Oasis Maya. This is a truly different experience for tourists and locals in the Riviera Maya.

So, you say you have already been to a cenote and have seen tropical jungle before? Perhaps you have, but NOT like this!!

Unlike other tours, Xenotes Oasis Maya includes transportation. You begin your day of jungle fun with your Xenotes guide and chauffeur at your hotel or pick-up spot. Your guide will give you information about the Riviera Maya, including how the area's famous cenotes and underground rivers were formed. Your guide will also regale you with Maya legends and folkloric tales from the region and even teach you some Mayan words.

Xenotes park, Riviera Maya, Mexico

The tour is personalized, meaning you spend the entire day with the small group you meet on the bus along with your guide, chauffeur and photographer. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and have an experience with a more personal meaning for you and your family.

Pretty much everything you need for the day is provided for you. All you have to do is wear your swimsuit (a pair of shorts is highly recommended also), water shoes, and bring with you a change of clothes for the ride home. You will be given towels, snorkel equipment, life vest, and snacks and food galore!

Xenotes park, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Don't forget to bring your waterproof camera! No worries if you don't have an underwater camera—there will be a photographer with you all day long taking photos of you and your family at every cenote and during every activity.

You will have access to fruit, coffee, hot chocolate, water, sodas, and other snacks all day long. When you arrive at your third cenote you will be served a delicious picnic lunch.

During your action-packed day you will visit four distinctly different cenotes. Each cenote has a fun activity waiting for you!

You will spend the day swimming, rappelling, jumping into crystal waters, using ziplines that crash into water, kayaking, snorkeling, learning about the incredibly diverse flora and fauna, and enjoying the folklore and magic of Maya Culture.

Xenotes park, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Immerse yourself in a world completely different than anything you have known before. Where the Mayan language and legends come alive. Where nature, excitement and discovery are one. Experience a side of the Riviera Maya that, until now, only locals and the very adventurous could access. Xenotes Oasis Maya is an experience that will give you a new perspective and hopefully a new respect for nature and culture— it certainly did for me!!

***Special thanks to Xenotes Oasis Maya (and Leo—yep I'm talking to you, cutie) for inviting me to enjoy a TRULY FANTASTIC day playing in these gorgeous jungle cenotes! A special shout-out to our incredibly funny, sincere and knowledgeable GUIDE Pepe! And a big THANK YOU to Cancun Canuck for donating photos to make up for my camera dying last minute! ***


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