Traveling the Modern Roads of the Ancient Maya

traveling the modern roads of the ancient maya

from palenque to chichen, calakmul to tulum


The Yucatan: Beaches, Jungles, Modern Recreation & Ancient Civilizations


The tropics mexican style

Whether it’s your first trip or your fiftieth, there’s just something about that first burst of humidity followed by a smiling Mayan face. There are lots of wonderful places on this planet but there’s only one that joins the greens and blues of the tropics with the genuine warmth of the locals and the compelling cultural embrace of Mexico: The Yucatan.


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A place for everyone from the Gulf Coast in Campeche, past Merida, around the top of the Yucatan Peninsula and down the spectacular Caribbean coast past the playgrounds of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum; all the way to Chetumal and the Belize border.



Commune with the Ancients. Challenge your senses. Snorkel with the whale sharks and dive with the turtles. Swim in cenotes. Cruise the islands. Lie in the sun or zip-line in the jungle. Never a boring moment in paradise.



The ancient white roads of the Maya (called Sac-Bes) lead back in time to the majestic ruins of old Palenque up past the jungle fortress at Calakmul, past the colonial cities of Campeche and Merida on the Yucatan’s west coast, to famous Chichen Itza and on to the spectacular coastal worship center overlooking the beach at Tulum.



The ecology of the Yucatan and its surrounding waters is of critical importance to the area and to Mexico. In fact, nowhere in Mexico is the natural setting more important to the local economy.


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We are Mike and Lydia Pontius, formerly of Charleson, SC and about to become permanent residents of Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo, Mexico. We’ve been visiting the Yucatan for the last 20 years, during that time we got to know Dani Knod and Scott Brown, who co-founded a local Riviera Maya newspaper called Sac-Be. Not long thereafter, we became partners, responsible for, which has survived all of these years, though you will notice that we stopped publishing new articles between about 2015 and 2019. With our move to the Yucatan our goal is to make bigger and better than ever.

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